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In The News for Tuesday, November 9, 2021
Posted Nov 09 2021 6:55AM

·       I have to share with you a quick story. As many of you know I consider Bacon and Scotch the peak of the food pyramid. One of my readers, who is also been a friend since I got into this business in 1976, was kind enough to send me a care package that included some Bacon candy, Bacon bandages and Bacon scented soap. I now know why the bandages were included. The label on the soap said, “A Delightful Soap Infused with the Sweet Perfume of Bacon!” A bell should have gone off, but in my excitement, I ignored it. After using the soap, I went out for my daily walk which turned out to be a near death experience as I soon realized that every dog in my part of town was hot on my scent. It was a close call, but good exercise and a perfect excuse for sitting down with a nice single malt to settle my nerves. Thanks, Patsy.

·       Update on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial from The Babylon Bee.

   After hearing eyewitness testimony that Rittenhouse was threatened and then physically attacked by several men, and watching the video footage showing him deftly defending himself, jurors could be heard murmuring amongst themselves, “Wow, based," “What a unit,” and “I want to buy that kid a beer when we’re done here.”

   At publishing time, the judge had handed down a sentence of a pack of Whiteclaws and a $100 gift card to Bass Pro Shops for "this absolute legend".

·       As the folks at Powerline so aptly described it, Biden’s press conference on the “infrastructure” spending bill was a combination of stupidity and insanity. That may be too kind an explanation[JW1] .

·       Well, this could certainly get interesting. Apparently Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have managed to grow a hybrid variety of Chile peppers called the Numex ‘Española Improved’ Pepper. Hope there aren’t any ‘unintended consequences’ from King Montezuma.