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In The News for Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Posted Oct 23 2019 8:13AM

·        What do you want to believe, your eyes or the polls? I’ll believe my eyes which show President Trump filling arena after arena, both inside and out, every time he ventures into the hinterland. We saw it leading into the 201 election and we’re seeing it on steroids now.  

·        I kind of hope this article doesn’t get read by the never Trumpers. On the other hand, their cognitive dissonance is so overwhelming that it would probably fly right over their heads. “Never Trump Republicans and Democrats won’t accept any blame for losing the public. Instead, they blame the public. They never exclaim: Dear God, they picked him over us? Geez, we’ve got some self-reflection to do.”

·        Media Attempt to School Republicans Is a Disingenuous Fraud. Very good article.

Soon, very soon, the reports of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the U.S. Attorney John Durham will be published. Attorney General William Barr will make good on his promise to get to the bottom of the biggest political scandal in our history. Then we’ll see the indictments and prosecutions and, probably, a spate of convictions.

The Editorial Board will howl. But it will be the impotent howl of one who has been exposed and humiliated. The evangelist Matthew spoke of fletus et stridor dentium: “wailing and gnashing of teeth.” Unpleasant, of course, but richly deserved.

·        I commented on this the other day. It’s worth reading. A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle. Mexico is in a state of collapse, and Americans need to realize that the crisis underway south of the Rio Grande won’t stop at the border.

·        Judicial Watch, doing the job the FBI should have done. Stuff just keeps coming out every time there is a new FOIA email dump. New Benghazi Documents Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up. Wow! What a surprise. I know you’re as shocked as I am. 

  Tweet Deep State.png

Oh! Now I understand.

·        As Stephen Green says, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer network or a nicer anchor. Nora O’Donnell Is Killing What’s Left of the CBS Evening News. After Dan Rather got is started circling the drain.