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In The News for Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Posted Apr 11 2023 8:07AM

·        As someone said, how about making better beer that people want to drink. Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s VP of Marketing smears former customers as “fratty and out of touch.” Smart marketing move. Makes New Coke look like brilliant marketing.

Michael Ramirez weighed in as only he can.  “A man who identifies as a woman, promoting swill that identifies as beer, is igniting a national debate on how far WOKE and identity politics should dictate the norms of our society.”

Interestingly, Bud Light has gone kind of quiet.

Budweiser joins Gillette and Nike now on my permanent restricted list.

·        An excellent article by Peter Schweizer, “Does This Compromise President Biden?” Just incredible the breadth of corruption. Mainstream media – Crickets.

·        Germans Have Given Up On “Green” Energy. 88% of Germans do not believe a successful energy transition is realistic. 57% favor Natural Gas.  So, far the government persists, but a collision with reality is inevitable.

·        Excuse me? Do What? Dalai Lama regrets asking boy to ‘suck my tongue’.

·        The path we’re on and it’s scary as hell. Techno-Hell: AI Firm Scrapes 30 Billion Social Media Photos, Hands Them to Law Enforcement. We need to put Awl-Grip on this slippery slope.

·        Not sure this is a trend we should be very happy about. Social media and big tech companies have hired hundreds from federal agencies, including CIA and FBI.   

·        Elon Musk is Really Getting Under the Fake News’ Skin. Good. Twitter has started labeling BBC, NPR, PBS and Voice of America as “government funded” or “state-affiliated.” Lib journos were furious.

·        This seemed like a truly bizarre happening. Someone should find out exactly who was responsible for this decision. Catholic Archdiocese accuses Walter Reed of stifling religious rights with ‘cease and desist’ order.

·        I Skynet ever goes self-aware, we’re in real trouble. Hope Sarah Connor is paying attention. Somebody Asked AI to “Destroy Humanity” and Here’s What Happened