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In The News for Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Posted Nov 04 2020 7:12AM

·       My Thoughts on the Election:

The in-person vote seemed to heavily favor President Trump in areas where that was expected. Unfortunately, it wasn’t heavy enough to rule out the possibility of the mail-in vote being the determining factor, and that raises the possibility of chicanery in areas that are known for it. The failure of some states to complete their counts is inexcusable. You have one job and four years to prepare. Pathetic. Clearly the lawyers will be busy. We should get Wisconsin and Michigan later today. If Trumps takes them and his lead holds in Georgia and North Carolina, then the end result will be more obvious. He has a big lead in Pennsylvania, but a lot of mail-in ballots remain to be counted. The big losers last night were the pollsters and the television talking heads. The unfortunate reality is that a nation that needed a clear winner will now have a President that roughly half of the populace will believe wasn’t the legitimate winner. That’s not likely to promote the kind of healing we need.  

·       This is important and overdue. Bravo for the President. Trump establishes 1776 Commission