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In The News for Monday, November 23, 2020
Posted Nov 23 2020 7:07AM

·        If you are not quite ready to accept the results of an unquestionably corrupt election and just “move on” as the Democrats and RINOs are urging, you might find Ammo Grrrll’s comments to your liking. I think she expresses the attitude of about 73-80 million people.

·        Recounts and Lawsuits are Karma for 4 years of Dems lying about Russian collusion. The painstaking, necessary scrutiny of ballots in key states continues, much to the chagrin of the Democrats. If they are so certain of victory, this delay shouldn’t mean much to them. They’re acting as if they’re terrified of what may be found out.

·        When the Trump Campaign has to fact check the media, you know the tables are turned. The media that blindly, and knowingly, echoed the false Russian collusion nonsense for four years now wants us to believe that all is well and we can accept the fact that more people voted than are registered and just move on “for the good of the country.” No thanks. The Dems and the RINOs can solemnly intone that nonsense all they want. We’re not buying it. Interestingly, nearly a third of Democrats aren’t buying it ether. If you are relying on the major networks for your news, you have no idea what the groundswell looks like in most of the country. As Sarah Hoyt put it, This is no time to be “reasonable.” Mr. Reasonable has left the room. And he’s taken Ms. Conciliatory with him.”

·        In sword statement, prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots. U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova: The anomalies are so out of bounds that the results are not believable. I think any rational person has already come to that conclusion. There are 19 bellwether counties that have a perfect record since 1980. Trump won 18 of them. Valencia County, New Mexico has a perfect record since 1952. Trump won by 10%.

·        New data from rigorous statistical analysis points to voter fraud in Montgomery County, PA. I don’t think any sane person can look at this and come to any other conclusion. Pennsylvania should ultimately go into Trump’s column.

·        A good article about Sidney Powell by John Zmirak. He makes some very good points. I particularly like his comments at the end of his article. If you think your country’s elections are being stolen, and your main concern is for keeping your “dignity,” then I don’t want you next to me in a foxhole. You’ll switch sides if the enemy offers a chocolate bar, and a chance to save your skin. I want someone like Sidney Powell, a whistleblower and a Christian patriot. I hope her evidence is watertight and bullet proof—and frankly, that for the next few weeks she has taken to wearing Kevlar. That’s how much I trust the people who want to silence her. Please pray for her safety and the future of our democracy.”

·        This bears re-posting in case you missed it last week.  “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax every perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

·        Whoops! MIT has withdrawn a study that was supposed to link a decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations to a face mask mandate after the data didn’t support the thesis. I’ve commented a number of times on the inefficacy of masks and mask mandates and linked to studies showing just that. It’s all about politics and virtue signaling and pretending “the science” supports it. It’s Hogwash.

·        What a surprise! I know we’re all shocked. 154 illegal immigrants who promised to self-deport didn’t. ICE decided to help them keep their word. 86% of the 154 had criminal convictions.

·        I wonder why this is happening? Not. Red States continue leading economic recovery while Blue States lag. BLS statements through September show Red State Unemployment Rate at 6.26% while Blue State Unemployment Rate is 8.16%, or 30% higher.

·        Our former president continues to distinguish himself. After overseeing a seditious plot to overcome a lawful election in 2016, he now says we may need the Navy Seals to remove Trump from the White House. Simply disgusting. It’s obvious the Dems are worried about all the investigations into voter fraud. They seemed OK with it when Al Gore took 30 days to concede. As we’ve often said, if it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

·        The various Supreme Court Justices have been assigned to various Circuit Courts. Here are a few key ones that could well be in the news over the next few weeks. Conservative judges now preside over every circuit court key to Trump’s victory.

MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh

WI – Amy Coney Barrett

PA – Samuel A. Alito

GA – Clarence Thomas

·        Because liberal heads just aren’t exploding enough, already. President Trump issue executive order ending birthright citizenship before first term ends.

·        Whenever a major media outlet calls something a “fact check” you’re usually safe is assuming that they are wrong. Here’s a good example from NBC News.

·        Biden seems to have anger management problems when mainstream media reporters have the temerity to actually ask him real questions instead of what ice cream flavor he likes, as CBS’ reporter Bo Erickson found out again.