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In The News for Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Posted Oct 07 2020 7:05AM

·       DNI declassifies Brannan notes, CIA memo on Hillary Clinton ‘stirring up’ scandal between Trump, Russia. They were done after briefing President Obama. In related news, Stephan Halper has been subpoenaed to appear before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Later, yesterday evening, it was announced that the President was declassifying all documents related to Russia Collusion and the Hillary Clinton email probe with no redactions. I suspect there are some very moist diapers in Washington, D.C. It is worth noting that former President Barrack Obama has remained silent as this has unfolded over the past four years despite the fact that he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was all bunk.    

·       I’ve mentioned the English term “Barking Mad” before to describe some of the media and left-wing hysteria. Looks like I was on track. Crazed leftists begin literally barking like dog at Trump supporters.  

·       Good advice but very unlikely to happen. Mainstream Media covering Trump needs to swap diapers for big boy pants. I’ve never seen anything like the media’s reaction to President Trump’s catching and recovering from the Wuhan virus. I guess the failure of the Mueller investigation, the failure of impeachment, the imminent approval of Judge Barrett and now the fact that he has sailed through a bout of Covid is just more than they can take without their heads exploding. As usual, The Babylon Bee pretty much nailed it. Media Criticizes Trump For Downplaying Virus Threat By Not Dying. “If he lives, how will people be able to trust science?” And then we have the distaff side of the team of TDS afflicted mental midgets, Joe and Mika. Mika wonders if President Trump could be charged with manslaughter for returning to the White House. Not to be outdone, Hollywood, of course, had to weigh in in their usual, measured style.     

·       NC Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s (D) sex scandal just got more interesting. The news that he was having an affair with a California political consultant apparently came as a surprise to his other mistress. Bill Clinton reportedly was reportedly asked to comment – “He’s the Man!”

·       How effective are masks and have the mandates worked? These charts don’t seem to show any correlation, do they? The only ones I see where cases declined was in cities where the virus had already peaked prior to the mask mandates. While we’re on the subject, here is the nominee for dumb tweet of the week from Gov. Inslee of Washington.

·       If you’ve ever had a cold, and that is virtually everyone, you may have some resistance to the COVID-19 virus.

·       Want more diversity? Apparently, the San Antonio Gun Show had it. It was more diverse than the average Antifa riot, with Hispanic, Black and Asian attendees and seemed to skew younger and with perhaps 25% more women than usual.

·       Joe needs to remove his left foot from his mouth and see how the right one tastes. His ill-advised comment would have caused a firestorm had it been uttered by a Republican.

·       After being shut down by the courts, Michigan Governor Whitmer tries end run.

·       Saw this and it reminded me of just how deprived we were as children. LOL.

My kids wanted to know what it was like for me growing up. So, I took their phones, shut off the internet, gave them a popsicle, and told them to go outside until the streetlights came on.

·       NSFW. Portland Antifa ambassador, Guy Benson, addresses the City Council. I’m sure lots of people are wanting to move there.

·       A diagram of Critical Race Theory. You could apply that diagram to a lot of liberal ideas.

·       No. You mean even the major television networks can’t be trusted. How shocking. NBC News ‘Undecided’ Voters Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC. These people apparently think no one is watching and they can get away with anything they want to. Pay attention to what is going on. You have to vote in less than a month.

·       Devin Nunes absolutely scorches Adam Schiff in committee hearing.  It was a thing of beauty.