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In The News for Monday, October 18, 2021
Posted Oct 18 2021 6:44AM

·       When the Washington Post starts comparing you to Jimmy Carter you know you are dealing with an unmitigated disaster. That is the Biden presidency, so far.

Under Trump, the United States became an energy superpower. He withdrew from the Paris climate accord, approved the Keystone XL pipeline, opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration, rolled back Obama-era regulations such as the Clean Power Plan that held back domestic exploration and production, and enabled the United State to supplant Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. That not only created millions of jobs, it made America energy independent for the first time in years. And it transformed the national security landscape, strengthening the United States vis-a-vis Russia, China and Iran.

Now Biden seems determined to cede our status as an energy superpower. In just a few short months, he has brought us back to where we were in the Carter years — pleading with a foreign oil cartel to increase production rather than increasing production ourselves.

·       John Lewis, a department store chain in the UK has an ad running that is too bizarre for words. You have to wonder who they thought they might attract. Maybe the truly weird and demented are a major segment of the shopping public now and worth appealing to.

·       Irrational COVID regime driving Americans to a healthy noncompliance. The sickout seems to be spreading from Southwest to American Airlines. Let’s go Brandon!

·       I have never liked Janet Yellen, neither as Fed Chairman nor Treasury Secretary. She isn’t being honest on the Treasury’s terribly invasive proposal to monitor your checking accounts.

·       Netflix is having a little trouble with their woke employees. This happening at a company that gave millions to Obama to supposedly produce content and named the execrable Susan Rice to their board. How fitting.