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In The News for Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Posted Oct 04 2021 9:11PM

·       That was the week that was. We learned that $3.5 trillion is “free” and that Biden lied about the advice he got from the generals on Afghanistan.

Biden and his crowd have done a lot of damage already, and we haven’t seen anything yet. They have much more in store for us and we have a long way to go until the next elections can provide a check or remedy. There are countless instances of humans clinging to theories that by rights should have been discredited by experience.

·     Sun.png   Global Warming? Not Lately. If you didn’t know better, you would think from press accounts that global warming is an accomplished fact. But the reality is quite different. In recent years, whatever warming was formerly going on has stopped. Satellite measurements, the only reliable means of estimating global temperatures, indicate that the Earth has not warmed in nearly seven years. That is remarkable–seven years of warming hysteria with no warming. There are countless instances of humans clinging to theories that by rights should have been discredited by experience. Global warming hysteria is heir to a long, if not honorable, tradition.

·       Unhappy parents have been attending school board meetings to complain about Critical Race Theory as well as other hare-brained ffideas being pushed and the National School Boards Association isn’t happy about it. They have asked for Federal help in dealing with “Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crimes.”

·       Radical leftists have been harassing Senators Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Keep it up folks, I’m sure it will have the intended result. Morons. President Biden seems OK with it. What a total embarrassment he is to any decent American.

·       Well, it’s official. The University of Otago in New Zealand has lost any grasp on reality. They have named transgender weight lifter Laurel Hubbard Sportswoman of the Year. Laurel is the first transgender winner of the award in its 100-year history. I’m not surprised. In case you think this is a little bizarre, you haven’t seen anything, yet. This month’s digital issue of Playboy has a gay male “social influencer” from the Philippines on its cover. There was a report from Westwood Village Memorial Mortuary in Los Angeles of a disturbance. Supposedly Hugh Hefner has been rolling over in his grave.

·       Chris Wallace continues his efforts to be a legitimate journalist. “It doesn’t cost zero.” Pushback against Democrat Myths.

·       The FDA is vindictive? Are you kidding? Apparently not. Read the comments.

·       AP polls have typically been a bit kinder to President Biden, but even they can’t cover what is happening. Biden has been slipping even among Democrats and his approval among Black voters has plunged 20 points in one month. You’ll remember that Black poverty hit a record low under President Trump.

·       Understatement of the year. “A Giant Can of Worms.” Unvetted Afghans are walking off U.S. Bases and no one knows where they are. When apprehended they should be put on the first plane home.

·       Not one single illegal alien should be admitted into the U.S. who will be dependent on social services and welfare. They have put a multibillion-dollar handout to illegals into the Reconciliation Bill. It gives these burdens on society the same child benefits as Americans.

·       Facebook is having a VERY bad day (cue world’s tiniest violin).

·       There may be more to the Facebook “whistle-blower” than meets the eye.

·       I kid you not. This is a long article on about a serious military issue, women’s hair styles.

·       Worth a watch. What happens when you import thousands of people who simply don’t fit in to the culture they’ve been inserted into[JW3] .

·       An amazing story about a whale saving a diver’s life.

·       If this is true, I assume someone will be doing some serious time. General Donahue allegedly booted 50-100 people off his cargo plane leaving Afghanistan in order to bring home a war trophy. This is a hell of a story, and I can’t imagine that if true it won’t be severely dealt with.