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In The News for Thursday, March 18, 2021
Posted Mar 18 2021 7:33AM

·       Breaking News: Secret Service agent dives in front of President as reporter tries to ask question. Exclusive interview.

·       Literal Fake News from our garbage media. Because sometimes the media is so disgraceful and repugnant that the normal day-to-day epithets are insufficient. The Washington Post has outed the source behind the fake quotes but are saying that while the quotes are fake, the story was accurate. We’ve heard that one before, haven’t we? Cost Dan Rather his job. The media’s entire Georgia narrative is fraudulent, not just the fabricated quotes.

·       A very interesting article drawing a comparison between what caused the American Revolution and what we are experiencing now. Thus Always to Bad Elites. Well written and argued and worth reading in its entirety.

Today, we have a very different elite than America did as recently as the 1980s in terms of their nature, goals, ambitions, style, and ways of exercising power. The deepest fact of our time is that America has a bad elite, a mendacious one whose skills, values, goals, tastes, and types of knowledge are hostile to our nation’s inherited cultures and plural people. The new elite that has emerged in the last generation or two has no interest in preserving anything but perhaps their own power. They lack historical knowledge and vision, which they supplant by, or exchange for, the powers of transformation and change. Intoxicated by the power possible with emerging technologies, inspired by visions that only a deracinated globalist perspective could make attractive, this elite thinks of creative destruction as applied to culture.

·       Americans Spending Their Stimulus Checks on Guns. Retailers have learned from the previous two rounds of stimulus payments that they can provide a temporary windfall for gun stores.

·       Judge Rules Michigan Secretary of State Violated State Law With Absentee Ballot Order. This follows similar rulings in other states and more and more makes it look like the Supreme Court shirked its responsibility. Related: New data shows that 92,367 mail ballots in Nevada went to wrong addresses – in the same county. As I’ve said, this issue isn’t going away with half of our population believing the election was stolen.

·       CNN needs an intervention. CNN is utterly aghast that GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has the nerve to ‘[take] credit’ for Florida’s success. Best Tweet.

·       Sports Illustrated joins the parade with first transgender woman of color in Swim Issue.  

·       A little update on women in the combat arms. ROTFLMAO! Sorry. As Larry the Cable Guy says, I don’t care who you are, this is funny.

·       A Princeton grad student believed harmony with Iran was possible, but 40 months as a hostage changed his mind.