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In The News for Friday, June 4, 2021
Posted Jun 04 2021 7:54AM

·       Sunday marks the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of France. A reminder of American greatness. 

·       COVID-19 cases hit lowest point in U.S. since pandemic began. The unfortunate fact is that we would probably be in this same place even if we hadn’t committed economic suicide with all the shutdowns.

·        A Nocebo is the opposite of a Placebo. Nocebos and Mass Hysteria. Makes perfect sense to me and most of us have experienced this effect.

·       Meanwhile, your government at work: U.S. State Dept. tried to block investigation of leak at Wuhan.

·       A little damage control from the good doctor? Dr. Rand Paul has two words in response to Dobby’s Fauci’s emails. “Told you.” If anyone gets to say, ‘I told you so’ it is Rand Paul.

·       Think maybe people are worried about violence? May gun sales best ever.

·       United Airlines to buy 15 supersonic jets from Boom. NY to London in less than 4 hours.

·       The South had their own Paul Revere. Jack Jouett warned Jefferson that Banastre Tarleton was on his way to Monticello. You may remember Tarleton was played by Jason Isaacs in the movie The Patriot. His character, Col. William Tavington, was based on Tarleton.

·       The Obama Team’s Delusional Account of the Russian Hoax. Delusional is the keyword. These people are beyond despicable.

·       In case you think our refugee from Madame Tussauds has any even tenuous grip on reality, this should dispel it. Biden: “According to the intelligence community terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.“ What utter nonsense! There is a huge backlash coming, I believe.  I hope it takes place at the polls and not in the streets.

·       Atlanta crime wave sparks secession movement in Buckhead. Likely to see similar situations in a lot of places if the municipal authorities continue to aide and abet criminals.

·       Dr. Rand Paul has two words in response to Dobby’s Fauci’s emails. “Told you.”

·       Some interesting observations from an attendee at the Indy 500. Conclusion: I’m thinking that, as of now, Election Day 2022 won’t be much fun for any politician in either political party who continues the pandemic shell game.

·       [JW1] Frankly, the amazing thing is that this clown ever had any measurable ratings at all. Brian Stelter’s ratings continue to tank.

·       The 1776 Commission refused to be cancelled by Biden. Good for them.

·       That’s easy. They perform an important function, and he doesn’t. Why some lifeguards in California are making more than the governor.

·       Kamala Harris’ team reportedly panicked after Biden gave her immigration assignment. I can only imagine their horror at the prospect of the whole world seeing her utter incompet[JW2] ence.

·       Coach Mike Krzyzewski retiring after season. Wow! I’m sure Chapel Hill is planning a big parade. LOL.

·       Rumble has been coming on strong and I’m a fan. Unlike YouTube, they don’t censor conservatives.