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In The News for Thursday, August 27 2020
Posted Aug 27 2020 7:46AM

·       Another Home Run. Day 3 of the RNC was a continuation of Days 1 and 2. I’m guessing that there is some real panic setting in around the Biden campaign. I recommend watching it on C-Span to avoid having to listen to commentators telling you what you just saw for yourself. One thing that has been very interesting is the C-Span follow-up calls after the convention and the number of Democrats who have been calling in expressing their support for President Trump and their disappointment at what the Democratic Party has become.

·       Summary of day two of the RNC. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron was a highlight. I’ve noticed him before and suspect we’ll see more of him. I originally was not that impressed with the line-up but was pleasantly surprised by both Tiffany Trump’s speech as well as President Trump son Eric’s. We were also treated by seeing the highest paid person at CNN or the Washington Post speak. Nick Sandemann who won settlements from both.

·       An interesting opening speaker for day two of the RNC. Myron Lizer, Vice President of the Navajo Nation. The longest speech of the night was Melania Trump’s, which even Donna Brazile complimented. Not so much terminal TDS sufferer Bette Midler, who was roundly condemned for her disgusting comments.

·       Loose Ends. Scroll to the chart at the bottom.

·       Back in the late 60’s/early 70’s there was a group called Dan Hick and His Hot Licks. They had a great song that I think of every time I see one of Hillary’s utterances. Here is How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

·       This poor, intellectually challenged economics major tried a silly Tweet that backfired.

·       What Caused a Lifelong Democrat to Switch Parties After Day One of the GOP Convention?

·       Really? Okay. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? DNC panel features Wake Forrest staffer who “identifies” as “nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King.” Don’t think for a moment that this election isn’t for the soul of our country. Glenn Reynolds comment was that he identifies as Galactic Overlord. His pronouns are Sir, Majesty and Your Awesomeness. LOL.

·       This is staggering. A good idea of our lack of privacy and of Google’s tentacles. Gizmodo’s Kashmir Hill gave up all Google services and blocked all communication with Google servers on all her devices. The results will surprise you. After a week, her VPN had blocked more than 100,000 attempts to share information with Google.

·       Playing With Fire. There is some major puchback coming and it’s already starting.

Americans will listen to reasonable calls to reform policing and they certainly want color-blind law enforcement. But they won’t tolerate frontal assaults on law enforcement or the collapse of public safety. They won’t accept the specious claim that hoodlums tossing firebombs are ‘freedom fighters.’

Citizens will respond at the ballot box, the gun store (where sales have sky rocketed), and the U-Haul counter, where they are renting vans to move to safer places. Polls show that across all racial and ethnic groups, people want more, not less, police presence in their neighborhoods. And they will want political leaders who understand this.

·       Some charts you won’t find the mainstream media featuring on the Wuhan Virus because they don’t fit the narrative.

·       A short Republican Campaign Video that everyone should watch. The result of an idea from Bookworm Room.

·       Apparently, the NBA cancelled playoff games as a protest of the Jacob Blake shooting. I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t read it since I personally cancelled the NBA some weeks ago. This expresses my opinion well:

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “The Milwaukee Bucks are boycotting a playoff game. I had no idea that the NBA playoffs were even happening. I predict that, in two years, there will be a lot of 7 footers digging ditches or working fast food. That’s how long it will take them to go through their money — if that long.”

Also seen on Facebook: “Things I’ve managed to live just fine without the last 6 months: NBA, MLB and Hollywood. I’d venture a guess I’m not the only one.”

·       Contrast the kneeling of professional athletes during our National Anthem or Pledge to Allegiance with this display by young Madison Cawthorn. It took most peoples’ breath, but not Yamiche Alcindor’s of PBS.  

·       Uh Oh. The DOJ is seeking information on Coronavirus orders that may have led to deaths in order to decide whether the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA) might have been violated. Letters have been sent to Governors Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer and Wolf.

·       Now that the rioting is showing up in negative poll numbers for Democrats, they’re concerned. The memo must have gone out. Even Mayor Bowser had comments. The worry is that it is hurting Joe Biden in the polls.   

·       Should have done this over a month ago. Portland Police finally greet Antifa as they should have a long time ago.

·       Oh Boy. This is going to trigger someone. LOL. Trump/Trump 2024.