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In The News for Friday, March 12, 2021
Posted Mar 11 2021 7:35PM

·       Biden’s COVID-relief bill is neither a COVID nor a relief bill.

·       Glenn Reynolds in the New York Post. To defeat woke tyrants, the rest of us must treat them like the monsters they are. True.

·       The Geek in Pictures.

·       I’m having trouble getting my arms around this one. Christie’s auctioned a Non Fungible Token (NFT) for nearly $70 million. Hang that on your wall.

·       The Cancel Wheel Lands On…Adam Smith? Capitalism bad.

·       Biden’s Open Borders Immigration Policy – Why? What is truly hard to understand is how he can ignore the fact that a preponderance of Americans polled are very opposed to what is going on. It is a tragedy of gigantic proportions. Biden has lost total control of the border and the White House is in denial. Have the Democrats lost their minds? How tone deaf can you be to call Texas “Neanderthal” for reopening while turning loose thousands of untested COVID carriers on the population. Like they’ll really show up for their hearings. How stupid do they think we are? Hopefully, the Senate can delay the ‘path to citizenship’ until the 2022 elections shift Congress back to sanity. Every one of you need to be calling and writing your Representatives and Senators expressing your disgust. We are in the midst of an absolute national security disaster being aided and abetted by a mentally challenged president being controlled by the far-left fringe of his party and he is incapable of taking control. Mexican officials are even worried that Slow Joe’s immigration policies are incentivizing human smuggling and gand activity.

·       This goes without saying. I Am Really Freaking Sick of Anthony Fauci.

·       The Democrat/Labor alliance is a commie nightmare for America. The House has passed the PRO Act. It is not good and hopefully it will not survive the Senate. The way things are going, there is going to be a lot of work to do in 2022 to undo the disaster that is this Congress.

·       Big mistake. Never apologize to the wokerati. Winston Marshall folded like a cheap chair.

·       Attaboy, Gavin. He is ignoring the first rule of holes. When you’re in one, quit digging.

·       How the hell did racial conspiracy theorist Marsha Fudge get sixteen Republicans to vote for her confirmation? Disgusting. Twenty voted for Merrick Garland. “… fighting the nominations of exceptionally bad nominees should be an easy thing for the GOP to unify and rally behind. Yet they’re not. Trump is absolutely right in railing against RINOs. Senate collegiality is a thing of the past, killed by the Democrats relentless attacks on President Trump. The Republicans need to return the favor.

·       Any Republican who votes to confirm this radical leftist needs to be primaried. Vanita Gupta has no business anywhere in anyone’s administration.

·       Has Disney overplayed their hand in their shift to wokeness? A recent poll indicated they have. 60% of Americans say they have a less favorable impression of Disney and 58% say they are less likely to watch its programming.

·       Panda Express to Coke and Under Armour, Hold My Beer. I keep seeing these examples of what I think must be Peak Insanity, but I keep being surprised. I can only conclude that Peak Insanity is a process, not a singular event. Dr. Seuss, Coca-Cola, etc. We’ll look back on this time frame, I hope, with the realization that a frightening number of our fellow citizens were barking mad.

·       Tucker Carlson opened a can of whoopass on the New York Times. Glenn Greenwald had some comments, too.

·       Are you starting to get the picture that the government has been pretty much wrong on almost every response to the COVID crisis? Try this one. Checking in on a Texas school district where the schools never closed.  

·       Can you imagine trying to be Joe Biden’s sign language translator? They just have to stand there and spaz in place.  

·       The Babylon Bee’s take on the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah