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In The News for Thursday, April 8, 2021
Posted Apr 08 2021 8:23AM

·       Tucker Carlson spent some time talking about United Airlines ridiculous statement issued the other day. It is worth listening to. Personally, all I care about is having a pilot that gets me back on the ground safely. I could care less about the gender or skin color of the captain.

·       75% of likely U.S. voters favor photo identification such nas a driver’s license to vote. This is a losing issue for Democrats. 73% of black voters support voter ID. That sure doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? Man On The Street interviews asking about Voter ID. Notice the stark difference between the Woke white nitwits and the blacks who are questioned. Blacks should be offended by this fake narrative being pushed by Democrats.  

·       Major League Baseball has made a major mistake.

Per Morning Consult, the law labeled Jim Crow on steroids by our president and so widely derided by the media, journalists and celebrities has a +6 favorability rating nationally. Now, because of the embarrassing similarity between Georgia’s  voting laws and Colorado’s, the argument has become ‘photo ID is Jim Crow’ or ‘fewer days of early voting is Jim Crow’.

This is Calvinball: a transparent attempt to cover a disastrous PR move by our confused old president, backed up by liberal activists and journalists who think their Twitter accounts reflect the national mood. The ratings will tell the tale.

·       Related: Stacey Abrams might be in a little hot water, too. Isn’t is shocking to think she might be fibbing.

·       In addition to having a very loose relationship with the truth, has she lost her mind? Nancy Pelosi: “We’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden.” Really? Does she not think we’re all stupid and no one has access to all the news on what is really happening?

·       As I’ve been saying, pushback is coming.

·       “Without evidence.” Remember that one?   

·       Can you even imagine how the press would be handling this if Trump were president? Allegations emerge of sexual assault at migrant facility. Expect crickets from the White House press corps at the next briefing.

·       Journalism.  

·       I don’t doubt for a second that this is happening. Violent leftist rioters have been quickly let out on bail after acts of violence, while many arrested in the Jan. 6th protest at the Capitol still languish in jail where they are abused by guards. Most of the prisoners are white and most of the guards are black, apparently. This kind of thing should be dealt with harshly by authorities, but the authorities in Washington, D.C. are Democrats. Tucker Carlson’s monologue on the subject is worth reading if you missed it.

·       Ireland shock study. Outdoor transmission accounts for just1 in 1000 cases of COVID-19. I actually had a “Karen” yell at me from 30 yards away on the National Mall because I wasn’t wearing a mask. While I was in Washington, D.C. everyone walking the sidewalk, bicycling or doing anything had a mask on. Well, almost everyone. I didn’t.

·       What a surprise! 115 police officers in Portland, OR quit the force.

·       In a classic “who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes” CBS stands by their deceptively edited DeSantis/Publix story. No one believes them. Even Democrats are pushing back in Florida.                     .

·       From Australia. Everyone knows what is going on.