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In The News for Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Posted Nov 29 2022 6:00AM

·        The World Economy explained.

·        They Aimed to Make History. They Got Kamala Harris. From Quadrant Online, an Australian publication.

She got her start in politics at the tender age of twenty-nine when her romantic partner at the time, the sixty-year-old speaker of the California state legislature, appointed her to a high-pay, low-work sinecure on the California Medical Assistance Commission. Nothing to see here; move along. Down with the Patriarchy.

After more than a decade in (appointed) government employment, Harris ran for and won the elected post of San Francisco District Attorney in 2004. Yes, America elects its local prosecutors (as well as its sheriffs, accountants and dog-catchers). In her first two years in office, Harris suspended the use of the death penalty for murder, created a special hate crimes unit, and offered convicted drug dealers the option to study for a degree instead of going to prison. When violent crime spiked, she switched to throwing offenders in jail—and throwing away the key.

Good article. Read the whole thing.

·        So, Joe? Tell me how it is better to drill for oil in Venezuela than in the U.S. Peter Doocy nails John Kirby, hapless administration spokesman.

·        Apple Blackmailed Developer Into Blocking COVID Searches…and Maybe Elon Musk’s Twitter, too.

·        You would think that Male Chauvinists would be the last bastion against wokeness. You would be right.

·        So, we’re to believe this is a competent administration that carefully vets those they appoint to important positions in the government? Oh, OK. Want to explain this one? Or this one? “Admiral” Rachel (aks Richard) L. Levine. I rest my case.