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In The News for Friday, August 19, 2022
Posted Aug 19 2022 7:34AM

·        The folks at Powerline ridicule Liz Cheney as she deserves.

·        The CDC admits its COVID performance was lacking. The understatement of all time. And yet our Drooler-In=Chief, who has access to the best scientific advice of anyone, continues to wear that ridiculous looking mask.

·        The plot thickens on the reasons behind the Mar-a-Lago raid on President Trump’s residence. The leaker has been exposed and there is a hearing to reveal the Affidavit used to secure the search warrant. Everyone except the DOJ and FBI would like to have it released. As I’ve said before, the next Republican administration needs to send someone through the DOJ and FBI like Sherman went through Georgia.

·        Sorry Pence, we will question the integrity of our federal law enforcement officials.

·        Well, heck yea, come on in. Have we lost our minds? It is way past time for armed intervention our borders.

·        It’s hard to imagine that this despicable cretin was ever the head of the CIA. He’s obviously in the terminal stages of severe TDS. Electro-shock therapy may be his only hope.

·        Hilarious! SNL on Liz Cheney. The Rachel Dolezal of the Republican Party. LOL. And this.

·        Conservative group takes aim at Democratic ‘Wokeism’ with ads targeting Latino voters. What a great name for an organization, Citizens For Sanity. Their Mission Statement. You have to love it.

Citizens for Sanity’s mission is to return common sense to America, to highlight the importance of logic and reason, and to defeat “wokeism” and anti-critical thinking ideologies that have permeated every sector of our country and threaten the very freedoms that are foundational to the American Dream.

Wow! Could you put it any better? I have an inquiry in to them asking how one becomes a member.

·        A picture is worth a thousand words.

Pigs Fly.png

·        Is History History? It is appalling what has happened in academia to the study of History. Ask a recent graduate of high school or even college to name three of the first ten presidents and you get a blank stare. Which two countries fought the American Revolution – not a clue. When was the War of 1812? Maybe a few are even smart enough to figure that one out.

·        Hoist by their own petards? Sanctuary Cities are reaping the reward for their treasonous behavior. Let’s work up some big ole crocodile tears. It’s one thing to virtue signal, but they’re not enjoying invitation to illegal immigrants actually being taken for granted.

·        Makes you wonder about management quality of a company that took this long to realize someone had no talent, no ratings and was a universal joke. CNN finally cancels Mr. Potato Head, Brian Stelter. Maybe they’re clearing the spot for Liz Cheney. The Brian Stelter Show Is Over.

…Brian Stelter, the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources and the lead author of its late-night newsletter of the same name, had been summoned to C.E.O. Chris Licht’s office. Apparently, Stelter emerged from the meeting looking ashen and refused to talk about the conversation with anyone.