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In The News for Friday, January 14, 2022
Posted Jan 14 2022 7:42AM

·       The right has never been a big proponent of boycotts, but if there were ever a good candidate it is Unilever. They have taken “wokeness” to ludicrous levels. Read Woke Capitalism, Unilever Edition.

·       Biden’s venal speech on voting rights has been roundly. Mitch McConnell fact-checked it. You should read the whole article. It shows just how clearly the President has come under the control of the most far left wing of his party. No one in their right mind believes Slow Joe wrote that speech. He just read the teleprompter and repeated what his handlers gave him. This guy is the most unmitigated disaster ever to sit in the Oval Office. The Worst Presidential Speech In Modern History? Probably.

·       When you’ve been a congenital liar your whole life, you probably begin to lose a grip on what is reality and what is fantasy. Slow Joe now wants to reinvent himself as a civil rights warrior who was arrested multiple times. Unfortunately for Joe, the reality is that there is no record of him ever being arrested and he actually bragged about being praised by George Wallace as one of the outstanding young politicians of America. If you had written a novel about a four-flushing fake of this magnitude being elected President of the United States, it would have been made into a comedy. Unfortunately, there isn’t much funny about what we have as Commander-In-Chief.

·       Meanwhile, Slow Joe’s “mandatory” voter fraud bill is D.O.A. thanks to Kyrsten Sinema. Joe Manchin indicated he was on the same page. Joe threw in the towel.

·       An interesting chart that could portend a peak in inflation.

·       Not sure there is enough popcorn for this one. Hunter Biden’s ex-wife is writing a tell-all to be published this summer. Don’t think the media will be able to kill this story like they did the laptop from hell.

·       Well, the Supreme Court has ruled and Biden’s mandate to private employers was thrown out.

·       Elizabeth Warren, otherwise known as Lieawatha, just keeps doubling down on stupid. She’s blaming high food prices on grocery chains’ ‘record’ 1% profit margins. As old Abe said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”