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In The News for Friday, July 8, 2022
Posted Jul 08 2022 7:22AM

·        I’d like to see more Governors follow Youngkin’s example and for the Legislatures in red states to do the same. Youngkin appoints ‘wokeness’ critic to UVA Board of Trustees.

·        ‘She’s Amazingly Bad at This’: Harris ‘Seriously’ Gives Incoherent Speech in Highland Park.

Maybe this thing of giving people jobs because of their sexual organs and skin color is a bad idea? Perhaps?  I mean, we don’t want to be extreme or anything, but perhaps we should try to give jobs and appointing people according to …. what is it called? Oh, yeah, competence. Seems like that used to work. -Sarah Hoyt

·        Rhode Island state senator Tiara Mack buries her head in the sand and shows her butt to the voters. It goes without saying that she is a Democrat.

·        Google is blacklisting Republican fund raising emails. Don’t use gmail and change your default search engine in your browser. It’s easy. I did it some time ago.

·        I’m sure we all find this surprising, don’t we? Investigation reveals White House press corps is 12 to 1 Democrat. I’m just shocked! Shocked that gambling is going on here.  

·        OK. Someone want to explain this craziness to me? Biden administration sues Arizona over law requiring voters prove they’re US Citizens. These people are out of control.

·        Boy! She looks promising. Marya Flores is already making all the right people mad.

·        He is President Doom. Everything he touches goes bad. Biden will be remembered for wrecking the country. Remember what Obama said about him – “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.” Even the lefties are giving up. Joe’s a lost cause: No plan, no hope from Biden, say lefties.

For Joe Biden, the calls are now coming from inside the house.

There was a point when Biden could have adjusted. He could have admitted the border is a crisis, he could have stopped his pricey war on fossil fuels, he could have pushed back on the excesses of lefty wokeness instead of calling half the country bigots for wanting to protect women’s sports. But he didn’t, and that time has passed. It is as if he has been standing in cement for two years and it has finally dried. Joe Biden’s presidency now sleeps with the fishes.

·        An incredible story. Illegal immigrant, twice deported, arrested before he could carry out a mas shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Richmond, VA. His bail, $15,000. What the hell is going on?

·        Worst Sports Story Of The Year. No question.

What a truly disgusting woman. It doesn’t reflect well on Massachusetts that they would send someone like this to the Senate. Lieawatha wants to shut down the Crisis Pregnancy Centers that have saved the lives of more than 800,000 babies just since 2016.