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In The News for Friday, January 27, 2023
Posted Jan 27 2023 7:54AM

·        How bad is it. Have we lost our minds? Camp Of The Ain’ts. Miranda Devine of the New York Post is one of the few journalists who have been accurate and honest about everything from the Hunter Laptop story (which she broke) to the current illegal immigrant invasion We need to begin forcible repatriation and we can’t start it fast enough.

In the controversial dystopian novel Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail imagined the French president suffering a failure of nerve to defend the country against a massive wave of illegal immigration. Raspail did not foresee a president who would deny, conceal, and abet the destruction of his country, but that’s the twist on dystopia we are compelled to contemplate in the Age of Biden.

·        In case you would think that a group like the Society of Thoracic Surgeons would be immune to wokery, you would be wrong. Physicians - Heal Thyself, Fast.  

·        Chart of the Day. Harvard’s Lack of Diversity. the number of Harvard faculty who identify themselves as “conservative/very conservative” is practically a rounding error (1.46% conservative versus 79.7% liberal).

·        A federal judicial nominee from Joe Biden who doesn’t seem very familiar with the constitution. Hardly surprising. But…equity and diversity.