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In The News for Friday, November 12, 2021
Posted Nov 12 2021 6:40AM

·       Joe was right the first time. The Department of Justice under Merrick[JW1]  Garland is reportedly on the verge of agreeing to a settlement that would pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their children some ridiculous amount of money. $450,000 has been one number bandied about. It is outrageous that it should even be considered. If any kind of payment is agreed to, Garland should immediately be impeached and I’m willing to bet it would be bipartisan. Thankfully, 146 GOP lawmakers are awake and have introduced the Illegal Immigrant Payoff Prohibition Act of 2021.

·       Kevin Roche was the general counsel of UnitedHealth and the CEO of its Ingenix Division. He has an excellent article on how we should deal COVID going forward.

The threat posed by the virus itself to our total social well-being is far less than the damage done by our ongoing ineffectual actions to suppress it.


6. Most importantly, declare the epidemic over, declare victory if you are a politician and need that win, and celebrate that we survived this epidemic.

·       Oh No! Health Officials warn of mysterious infertility crisis among trans women.

·       Oh, Please, Please follow through on this. DeSantis on Biden flying illegal aliends into Florida: ‘I will send them to Delaware’ on buses.

·       U.S. Chamber of Commerce: ‘Gimmicks’ in reconciliation bill cover up over $1T in spending.  

·       Another gun manufacturer heads south. Remington relocates to LaGrange, Georgia. It looks like when the South secedes the next time we’ll have all the gun manufacturers.

·       Update on hypersonic flight program. The Hermeus’ Quarterhorse tested its engine and unveiled its first prototype. Meanwhile, the Skunk Works hasn’t been idle. The SR-72 (Son of Blackbird) could revolutionize everything. Mach 6.