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In The News for Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Posted May 31 2021 10:40PM

·       A very good Powerline post on Memorial Day.

·       Speaking of the Armed Forces, you can add draft dodger to Joe Biden’s list of accomplishments.

·       In 1991 Two Great Americans Came Together. Clarence Thomas and Orrin Hatch.

·       I have to admit this is diabolical and would be Joe Biden and the Democrat’s worst nightmare. Game-Changer From My Exclusive Interview With Former President Donald J. Trump.

·       A Democratic Mafia Family Dynasty. ,,, having cognitive issues and a highly ambitious wife who only cares about the trappings of office and not the responsibilities, makes it easy to control the man holding the office. Hillary would not have been controllable.

·       ACLU Corruption Revealed. Guess who nailed them? Johnn Depp of all people. Hope he takes them to the cleaners.

·       Shootout at the Not OK Corral.

A year after the murder of George Floyd, some residents who live near the four-block area now graced by his name want the people running the autonomous zone to remove the barricades and leave. They say people in the neighborhood have been shot at, robbed, carjacked, threatened with deadly weapons and sexually harassed.

“This is our home. It does not belong to the world. It does not belong to anyone,” Amina Harper said on Instagram. “We live here and we deserve to be safe while we live here because most of us cannot afford to live anywhere else.”

·       Let’s hope that Cyberdyne Systems’ Skynet hasn’t become self-aware as in The Terminator.

·       Is there a shortage of fried chicken or something? A Popeyes in Lake St. Louis, MO posted a sign that they reserved the right to refuse service to White People. Not sure that’s a message the home office would approve of. It’s good, but Bojangles is better.

·       Brilliant! Trump begins running 2024 campaign ads on Gas Pumps. Consumers will pay more as a result of higher diesel prices that will cause transportation costs to go up.  Plus: “The Biden campaign isn’t taking this lying down though, and is running a series of billboards near gas stations with the catchy slogan, ‘THE HIGH GAS PRICES ARE BECAUSE THE ECONOMY IS DOING GREAT!'”

·       Dems in Texas throw hissy fit. Gov. Abbott deals with it.

·       Veterans Crenshaw and Cotton punch back at Woke Cancer threatening U.S. Military. This is a great idea. Exposure and unmerciful ridicule is what must be done.

·       Wow! What a surprise! LOL. Economic data show Red States crushing Blue States – and here’s why.

·       Can you even imagine what the media would have done with this headline when Trump was president? Now, just crickets. Biden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 Giveaway.

·       Wow! Did I just see a pig fly by? Quite an admission from ABC News. “Some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them.”

·       Pornstars for Palestine. It this a new support group?

·       Maybe someone at the Pentagon should read this. Why the Purpose of a Fight is to Win.

·       More to come on Hunter Biden? Apparently Mark Meadows is hinting just that. Jimmy Carter had Billy. I’m sure Joe Biden is envious.

·       Lunatics running the State Department asylum fly BLM flags at every embassy around the world. We are a laughingstock.

·       World renowned academic physician blows lid off COVID vaccines. Only about half of FDA employees have taken vaccine. 177 Hospital staffers sue over vaccine mandate.

·       Over 130,000 maskless fans packed the stadium and watched the Indy 500.