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In The News for November 3, 2020 - Election Day
Posted Nov 03 2020 7:20AM

·        VOTE! If you didn’t vote early or by mail, whatever you do vote today. I’m expecting legal challenges to surround the mail in balloting, but I’m hoping that the in-person voting will be so overwhelming for one candidate that it will make the challenges moot. We’ll see. I think we will have a good feel by late tonight. I’m expecting a landslide based on the anecdotal evidence I’m seeing, and if you’re a regular reader you know who I think the landslide will favor. We’ll see what the evening brings. Whether you are a Biden or Trump supporter, you have to be a bit nervous. The Polls either have Biden well out in front or winning a close race. You have to worry in light of how wrong the polls were in 2016. If you’re a Trump supporter, you have to worry that maybe the polls are picking up something you’re missing despite the over the top enthusiasm being displayed by Trump supporters. One key is going to be whether the Black vote approaches 20% for Trump. If so, it’s probably lights out for the Democrats. I feel confident about my prediction for the election but worry that my cognitive bias has me missing something. We’ll know soon, hopefully, and not have to go through weeks of legal challenges which no one wants to see. My son’s apartment building in Washington, D.C. has boarded up their first floor to protect against violent demonstrations. They have been telegraphed, so I fervently hope  there are plans to deal with them quickly and with overwhelming force. This is what the hard left is trying to do. I can assure you that things are not being boarded up because people are worried about a Biden win. Here is why. Red Mirage? Some more election eve positivity.

·        It looks like the media’s attempts to ignore the Biden scandal might have backfired. A new Rasmussen Poll indicates that 72% of likely voters said they had “read or heard” news stories “concerning allegations that Joe Biden had lied and was selling influence to China and Ukraine for the benefit of his family.” 53% said they believed the story. Court documents show Joe Biden was listed as possible witness with son in fraud case. It’s interesting that many have probably already voted and one of the highest trending questions on Google was “How do I change my vote?” Eight states give absentee voters that option.

·        Should the Biden loses the election, the Democrats are ge[JW1] aring up for an internecine battle for the soul of the party much like happened in 1968. The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a Bill Clinton in the wings.

·        Should Trump win, there are plans for a major naval expansion. It is sorely needed as well as a thorough house cleaning among the flag ranks who have veered way too far into the politically correct realm.

·        Florida busts attempts to register over fifty dead Democrats. I though voter fraud was a myth perpetrated by hysterical Republicans?

·        This could be telling. Maxine is worried and mad about Black voter support for Trump.

·        An interesting piece from a former Democrat who is scared. I’m not a former Democrat, but I mirror his concerns.

·        What about the polls? Could we be seeing a repeat of 2016? Here are some reasons why.

·        Is CBS in CYA mode?

·        Want a good reason to vote for Trump. Here’s one. Fauci about to be shown the door.

·        The DOJ has announced plans for monitoring voting rights and has a web site for reporting any concerns.

·        Enough for today. GET OUT AND VOTE!