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In The News for Thursday, May 13, 2021
Posted May 12 2021 8:27PM

·       The Blockbuster Book of 2021. Molly Hemingway’s Rigged will, I’ll bet, be a very interesting and well-written and researched book. She is a very good investigative reporter.  

·       Everything Is Fine – Biden Naps While World Falls Apart.

I’ve heard several variations of the “Wow, I knew things would be bad, but I didn’t expect them to go down the toilet this quickly” theme recently. Sure, we were aware that Grandpa Gropes didn’t have the mental capacity to be a capable pretend president but we were all kind of hoping he would be able to stay up past dinner time when there was important running the country stuff to do.

·       Feeling the need to “check your privilege?” Look no further. Here is a 97-item “Privilege Checklist” courtesy of the YWCA that is 100% real. You’re welcome. This is not a parody.

·       Over 120 retired flag officers warn or country is under assault from Socialism and Marxism. They also argued that the mental and physical condition of the Commander-in-Chief “cannot be ignored.”

·       Biden claims 5 past Fed Chairs back his jobs plan, but 2 are dead and 2 more have done no such thing. To be fair, dependence on dead voters is a long-time Democrat strategy, so it’s hardly surprising to see Joe make this claim.  

·       When the burglars belong to the FBI. The FBI seized heirlooms, coins and cash from hundreds of safe deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, despite knowing some belonged to honest citizens. I can only hope that Rob Reiner and Bette Midler were among the victims.

·       No surprise here. Liz Cheney ousted from Republican leadership by overwhelming voice vote. No one spoke in her defense, even other RINOS like Adam Kinzinger. Oddly enough the Democrats seemed the most upset. That pretty much tells you it needed to be done.

·       This is unbelievable. More so because the Democratic media with a byline seems okay with it. The White House is demanding that reporters get approval from the communications team before publishing quotes from any administration official. I’m sure they would have also fallen into line had the Trump administration demanded this.

·        Insanity Wrap #204: Putin takes Biden’s lunch money, gives him atomic wedgie.

If you’re wondering what the current geopolitical situation is between the U.S. and Russia, allow Insanity Wrap to paint a little picture for you: Putin is the 12th-grade bully, and Biden is the new freshman who Putin pushed into a locker right after shoving Biden’s underwear into his own mouth.

Then Putin says, “I’ll see you tomorrow and you’d better have that lunch money.”

Biden somehow manages to be heard saying, “Yes, sir” through his underwear and the locker door.


·       Biden continues his rollback of Trump policies like peace in the Middle East and Energy self-sufficiency.

·       The New York Times was forced to walk back the ‘no gas lines, shortages’ narrative. Luckily, I filled up on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon there wasn’t a filling  station within 50 miles that had gas and as of Wednesday evening that is still the situation here.