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In The News for Thursday, June 3, 2021
Posted Jun 03 2021 8:28AM

·       A complete and utter farce. Biden’s speech in Tulsa.

·       Stephen Kruiser is tired of Slow Joe calling him a terrorist.

America is now suffering under a lethal combination of Biden’s natural stupidity and the fact that his diminished capacity makes him so easily manipulated X by the false narrative pimps. Some of the most awful people in the land can make the president of the United States lie about anything.

The addled usurper in the Oval Office can belch his[JW1]  psychotic nonsense all he wants. Intelligent, honest, and patriotic Americans not only know who the real terrorists are, but we’re also willing to say it out loud even though we know the lefties are going to accuse us of being in the grips of a phobia.

·       If there is anything I’m totally sure of it is that ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin knows exactly who these people are and could have them all picked up and prosecute without any trouble at all[JW2] .

·       This has been obvious from day one. Newly discovered emails show Fauci was in over his head. I’m feeling somewhat vindicated over all the ridicule I’ve directed at this bureaucrat. His emails reveal a career bureaucrat who followed political, not medical, science. Off with his head and good riddance. And this: I know you’ll be totally surprised to know that in a White House press conference conducted by “Circle Back Psaki” not a single one of the so-called journalists had a single question about the emails. I’m shocked. Yea,  really.

·       Now the majority of Dems[JW3]  seem to agree with Trump. A plurality now believe the lab-leak theory is probably true along with a majority of Americans.

·       Netanyahu to Biden: We’ll stop Iran’s nuclear program…alone. I sure wouldn’t bet against them. Related? Iran’s largest Warship mysteriously catches fire and sinks in Gulf of Oman.

·       One of my favorite Senators, Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) announced in his reelection campaign kickoff that he will continue to push back against Radical Nut Jobs.  

·       American the Outlier? Most of the rest of the world requires photo ID’s to vote. There is one and only one reason not to require them. That is to make illegal voting easier.