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In The News - New Year's Day Edition 2020
Posted Dec 31 2020 9:13PM

·       President Trump’s New Year’s Eve video. American Exceptionalism.

·       Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2020. One of my annual favorites.

Sample: MARPRIL … which starts off calmly enough, as the Democratic Party, desperate to find an alternative to 132-year-old White guy Bernie Sanders, settles on 132-year-old White guy Joe Biden, who cruises to a series of primary victories after replacing “No Malarkey” with a bold new campaign slogan: “Somewhat Alert at Times.” Biden is endorsed by most of his Democratic opponents, including “Mike” Bloomberg, who spent more than $500 million on his campaign, which seems like a lot of money until you consider that he won the American Samoa caucuses, narrowly edging out Tulsi Gabbard, who spent $13.50.

·       Insanity Wrap #116. There is just no dearth of material, is there?

·       Related: The Cuomo-de Blasio ‘doofstakes.’

·      Full Text of Archbishop Vigano’s letter to President Trump. As I said when I wrote my letter to you in June, this historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light, who are disoriented and disorganized, abandoned by their temporal and spiritual leaders. Whole letter worth reading.

·       Well, this certainly wasn’t what the fraudsters wanted to see. “We’re In” – Witness Testifies Dominion Voting Equipment, and Internal Data, Hacked Live During Georgia Senate Hearing.

·       Mark Steyn on Eric Swalwell as only Mark can do. Eviscerated!

·       My favorite comment on the election: “I would believe a sighting of Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness monster on their way to an Elvis concert before I believe that Biden got 78 million legal votes.”

·       Being a whistleblower in China costs Zhang Zhan four years in prison. Our relationship with China needs to be drastically reevaluated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the Democrats intend to build on President Trump’s successes. President Trump reportedly plans to declassify intel that China offered bounties to attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan. If corroborated, it calls for some major sanctions.

·       If ever there were a reason to hit the accelerator, this is it.

·       An SNL skit waiting to happen. Wonder if they’ll have the guts to skewer the wife of one of their regulars, Alec Baldwin?

·       2020 wasn’t all bad. Here are five great Trump victories from last year.  

·       And here are ten of the worst Media Abuses of 2020.

·       The top five most suppressed news stories of 2020.

·       The top ten National Pulse scoops of 2020.

·       The pushback continues and is growing. Oregon Mayor tells residents to ignore Governors lockdown regulations.

·       A new take on hospital food. Reindeer Stew and Seal Soup.

·       Arkansas doctor gives Christmas present to former cancer patients.

·       No good deed goes unpunished? When there was a shortage of hand sanitizer the distilleries stepped up. Now the FDA is penalizing them. Federal bureaucracy at its finest.

·       As I’ve said before, we need to make unmerciful fun of them at every opportunity until they are laughed out of the media. HuffPost reporter Jennifer Bendery tried her best to trash Mike Pence and failed miserably. As one commenter said, “This brilliance is from a senior reporter. Imagine how stupid the junior reporters are.”

·       Good move but hard to believe Great Britain, as woke as they are, is willing to do this. EU immigrants to be barred from receiving welfare benefits for five years. Maybe if California tried this they’d see an even bigger outflow as illegal immigrants joined everyone else fleeing the state.

·       Dan, remember Abe Lincoln’s advice: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to open your mouth and remove all doubt.