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In The News for Friday, October 21, 2022
Posted Oct 21 2022 7:51AM

·        A Star Is Born. Kari Lake schools interviewer. This woman is likely destined to be on the national stage at some point.

·        Florida is about as red as it gets right now. Robert Cahaly, who runs the Trafalgar polling operation, has said that he isn’t polling in Florida because he doesn’t think there are any serious races there. Charlie Crist has become a walking, talking joke and Val Demings, the far leftwinger who is challenging Rubio, doesn’t have a prayer.

·        Culture of Corruption: Shocker: Federal Officials made stock trades with “exquisite timing” on COVID policies.  As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit says, “We are led by crooks and incompetents.”

·        Buying Your First Weapon. I expect most of my readers won’t be in this category, but if you are it’s a good article.

·        Do these morons think no one has a memory? As our drooler-in-chief promises that he will refill the SPR when Crude drops to $72/bbl, it’s worth remembering that they blocked President Trump from doing it with Crude at $24/bbl, calling it a $3 billion bailout for big oil. Schumer took personal credit for killing the measure.  

·        The Biden Exercise and Diet plan. Finally, he’s found success at something.

·        California versus Florida. This pretty much says it all. California can’t seem to build a public toilet while Florida repairs a hurricane damaged causeway in a few weeks.

·        Early voting appears to be on course to outpace 2018, which was the highest since 1914.  

·        Good. Hub Arkush stripped of his right to vote on NFL MVP. Turns our Aaron Rodgers was right as more information continues to come out about the misinformation the CDC, Big Pharma and Stupid Politicians shoveled out about the experimental vaccine.  

·        This guy has guts. Truly a hero for saving his friend from a Grizzly attack. I’m reminded of the story about the two guys being chased by a Grizzly, when one stopped to change his boots for running shoes. His friend pointed out that he couldn’t outrun the bear and he replied that he didn’t need to outrun the bear, he just needed to outrun his friend.  

·        Volkswagen had the perfect response when some climatista nitwits glued themselves to the floor in the Porsche Pavillon. They cut off the lights and heat and left the building. Twitter was merciless.

·        It turns out that Coffee is just as healthy for you as vegetables. I’m looking forward to the study that give Bacon its proper place at the top of the food pyramid.