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In The News for Thursday, April 22, 2021
Posted Apr 22 2021 7:20AM

·       A Personal Note On Walter Mondale. Some personal thoughts from Scott Johnson of Powerline who served as an intern for Mondale. A liberal from another era.

·       Stein’s Law: If something cannot go on forever, it will stop. Herbert Stein promulgate his Stein’s Law in 1986 in analyzing economic trends such as rising U.S. Federal debt as a percentage of GDP. A good current example may be Illinois’ unfunded pension debt. It has gone from 4% of the state’s budget in the 1990’s to 25% currently and approaching 30%. Like California and New York, a poster child for fiscal mismanagement by entrenched politicians. It is why those states are seeing massive emigration to Texas, Florida and Tennessee. In case you think this doesn’t affect you, remember that the Democrats want you to pay for these states’ and cities’ decades of fiscal irresponsibility.

·       North Dakota just became the latest “Stand Your Ground” state. Only 12 states remain “duty to retreat.”

·       Journalism, CNN style. Is it any wonder this is happening? Mr. Potato Head has been struggling, lately. Brian Stelter enjoys his lowest viewership, just 178,000 in the coveted 25-54 age group that advertisers want. CNN overall has seen as much as a 60% shrink in their audience.

·       Are outdoor masks still necessary? They never were.

·       We’re seeing more and more instances like this. Good. Pub Owner throws lockdown leader out.

·       Antifa Mole Leads To Multiple Arrests. It would help if they weren’t immediately[JW1]  bailed out. And, yes, it is obvious their travel is being financed. Follow the money.

·       Floyd family gets phone call from Grandpa Joe. Sarah Hoyt had some pithy comments.  

·       Biden wants to use tax dollars to promote critical race theory scam. I’d like to see him stumble over the answer to what critical race theory is at a press conference. That should be edifying. Joe, can you give us an explanation of critical race theory and why you are promoting it? Come on, Man.

·       Washington Post calling Tucker Carlson’s old college classmates.  

·       Just in case you wonder why he has been called Slow Joe for years, here’s an example.

·       Candid Camera – Iraqi Style. Hey, where’s your sense of humor. Unbelievable!

·       It’s a start. Coca-Cola’s woke general counsel, Bradley Gayton, is out. The severance package is obscene. Shareholders should sue.