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In The News for Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Posted Jul 27 2022 6:52AM

·        How can you not enjoy this? Two of the most despicable Democrats in Congress are force to run against each other in New York’s twelfth district due to a court throwing out a pro-Democrat gerrymander. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney are facing off in primary. Nadler is playing the Jewish card and Mahoney is playing the Woman card. What fun!

·        Kamala just keeps on opening her mouth and removing all doubt. We now find out that getting pregnant is a ‘real issue’.

·        The Morning Briefing: Should the GOP Look Ahead to a 2023 Revenge Agenda? Absolutely!

I am most intrigued by what the GOP might do if it wins a substantial majority in the House. My dream version of the next Congress has the Republicans going after everyone involved with establishing and perpetuating the J6 kangaroo court and being none too polite about it. The cretins involved in this abuse of power and perversion of justice need to be made examples of.

It’s a shame that Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney won’t be members of Congress next year but that will add a little spice to the proceedings when they’re hauled out of their private life revelry to testify before a committee that’s hell-bent on being vindictive.

I really don’t see any upside or potential gain in political capital if the GOP plays nice with Democrats who will never reciprocate. They’re counting on the Republicans not getting down in the mud if they are back in charge.

Now more than ever though, it’s time to get a little dirty.

·        Hilarious! If you see a tweet supposedly from “honest US citizen” extolling Joe Biden as one of the best presidents in the country right now,  you might be a little suspicious.

·        Whistleblowers within the FBI are confirming what anyone who can read should already be aware of, political bias in investigations.

 In a Monday press release from Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley, the Iowa Republican highlighted whistleblower accusations that "Washington Field Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault disregarded agency guidelines requiring substantial factual predication to trigger investigations."

Here is more on the subject. And even more. This stinks to high heaven and needs to be exposed and gotten to the bottom of. Jail time would seem to be called for.  

·        Well, I’m certainly relieved. Our Dotard in Chief says we are not going to be in a recession. That pretty much seals it.

·        Insanity Wrap: How Not To Catch Monkeypox for Dummies. It’s not real complicated.   

·        Apparently, quik set concrete is the new thing with these idiots. From the comments, there isn’t a lot of sympathy out there. LMAO! I suggest restarting traffic and leaving them there with no food or water until they are willing to gnaw off their limbs to get loose.

·        While Russia’s Gazprom has re-opened Nord Stream, it is at 20% of capacity, down from the 40% level that Russia had reduced it to. I seem to remember that President Trump warned them this might happen.