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In The News for Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Posted Aug 30 2022 7:24AM

·        Another suicide? We need to compute Hayward’s First Law of Implausible Conspiracies,  Cp=1/[t(N*K)2], where Cp represents the probability of an actual conspiracy as the reciprocal of t (time) multiplied by the product of N (the number of people necessary for a conspiracy) and K (number of killings) squared. (For those not acquainted with mathematical notation, this produces a very very low number.) Even so, they just keep mounting up.

·        We’ve talked about how bad the situation is in the UK and Europe as winter approaches and heating bills are likely to go parabolic. In the U.S., tens of millions of Americans face the prospect of having their electricity shut off.  Green Energy? Yea, right.

·        Facing the truth about Lockdowns …. more and more observers are willing to say what pretty much everyone knows: the shutdown emperors weren’t wearing any clothes. See, for example, former British Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption in the hyper-establishment London Times: “Little by little the truth of lockdown is being admitted: it was a disaster.” 

The lockdown was an experiment in authoritarian government unmatched in our history even in wartime.

As the official narrative does unravel, the last to know will be those who depend on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for their news. I have a feeling that ignorant tech employees will keep fighting the shutdown battle long after the war is over.

·        Things aren’t looking too good in Iraq. Iran seems to be behind the turmoil.

·        Being a CIA asset seems to indicate a short shelf life. There is no excuse for poor tradecraft. I speak from experience as a former Team Chief in a prior life.

·        I know you’ll be as shocked as I am at this. In California, 70% of criminal suspects released on $0 bail commit new crimes. Who would have thought?

·        Don’t fall for Operation Demoralize. The Morning Briefing: Don’t Believe the Democrats’ Midterms Homestretch Hype. The Democrat propagandists in the mainstream media have been positively aglow with optimism in recent weeks, gushing about Biden’s presidency being completely transformed and rescued from the gutter. The fantastical storytelling bears no resemblance to reality, of course, but that never gets in the way of the Kool-Aid Kids.

Democrats can paint all of the pretty pictures that they want to for the next couple of months but none of their efforts will gloss over the enormous damage that President LOLEightyonemillion and the commie cabal running his brain have done to this country.

·        Direct quote from Slow Joe, We’ll pass election reform and make sure no one, no one, ever has the opportunity to steal an election again.” I think the operative word here is “again.”

·        Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk eviscerated the reasoning behind DNC Avril Haines bulls**t about the Mar-a-Lago documents.

·        Adults may be taking charge at CNN. I’ll believe it when I see Joy Reid and Don Lemon fired.