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In The News for Saturday, August 5, 2020
Posted Sep 05 2020 11:22AM

·       Tweet of the Week

·       Clip of the Week. If there are two people that reporters don’t want to mess with they are Kayleigh McEnany and Rich[JW1] ard Grenell.

·       A friend and reader shared this with me and it’s worth sharing with you. We see the term “gaslighting” used a lot. What, exactly is meant by it? Here is a good explanation. You see rioters being allowed to burn cities and you are told that they are peaceful protesters. You are being gaslighted. It’s the classic old Hollywood story about the wife catching her husband en flagrante delicto and then her husband saying, “Who you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes.”

·       How long will they let this embarrassment continue before just throwing in the towel? Joe Biden on history.

·       The press has come in for a lot of criticism for their “childish, softball questions they lobbed at Joe Biden. They were totally transparent. A good example of the kind of questions asked.

·       One child’s experience with having a test graded by AI and his mother’s response[JW2] .

·       Fair enough. You shoot at police, expect us to shoot back[JW3] .

·       Portland Mayor provides housing and sanitation services for out of town rioters. Another ready made campaign ad for the GOP.

·       You mean the media isn’t telling the real story? I’m just shocked! A retired cop blows up the fake narrative on the execution of a Portland Trump supporter.

·       California legislature passes bill easing punishment for pedophiles because of ‘LGBTQ Equality’ or something. I’d like to see one of the major networks cover this and ask the sponsor of the bill exactly what he had in mind. As someone said, “California needs to be cleaned with bleach and fire.”

·       Today’s ‘Best of Kayleigh’ is a classic. She ran a loop of Grand Duchess Pelosi Von Blow Wash during her press briefing. Apparently there is something to Nancy’s claim that she was set up.

·       Busted! Biden Town Hall attendees in Kenosha were given scripts to follow. The last thing Joe’s handlers want to see happen is for him to have the opportunity to go off on an incoherent tangent. Here is a clip.

·       It’s encouraging to see the black community begin to push back on these Marxists. Black pastors demand Nike drop the ‘anti-Christian’ Marxist Black Lives Matter movement[JW4] .

·       Say No To The Mob. New ad showing who supports the violence and tries to ignore it.

·       It’s kind of hard to argue that the Dems are not supporting the rioters when Kamala Harris recommends donating to the bail-out funds and Biden’s campaign staffers do so along with many others. Somehow, I don’t think this is playing very well with voters, particularly in the areas affected.

·       President Trump called this. NPR said he was nuts for saying it. Oops.

·       The Antifa killer who executed the Trump supporter claimed “I did not hit anyone innocent.” Neither did the police when they went to arrest him and he decided to take the room temperature challenge. Reinoehl claimed to be a veteran, but there is apparently no evidence to support this claim.

·       Busted. DNI Ratcliffe accuses Democrats of creating misleading intelligence document.

·       I’m betting this is just the tip of the iceberg. 19 foreign nationals charged with voting in 2016 presidential election in North Carolina.

·       President Trump’s trip to Pennsylvania was a repeat of his trip to Kenosha. Ten miles of cars lined up. One county paper had estimated he might draw a crown od 2,000. There were twice that many cars alone in the parking lots.

·       Not sure where this is going, but it calls attention to her petty tantrum once again. Republicans are asking Atty. Gen. Barr to determine whether Nancy Pelosi broke federal lwa when she ripped up President Trump’s State Of The Union Address.

·       We can probably expect more incidents like this[JW5]  by drivers caught in “peaceful protests.”

·       Wonder why no one trusts the numbers on COVID? Maybe because of things like this. The CDC says a whopping 94% of COVID fatalities had ‘contributing causes.’ Like motorcycle wrecks, for instance.

·       Have the Democrats actually encouraged violence? You be the judge.