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In The News for Thursday, May 6, 2021
Posted May 06 2021 8:01AM

·       The Democrats are desperate to defeat DeSantis. Looks like a tough row to hoe[JW1] .

·       Is something fishy going on with the Census Bureau revisions under the Biden administration. When the revisions are always in one direction, it has a tendency to set off alarm bells.

·       Elon Musk is too funny for Saturday Night Live. I’m looking forward to it.

·       Surprise, Surprise! The wokescolds at Facebook decided to uphold the ban of Trump on Facebook. I opted out of this platform months ago and deleted all my information. It’s one I can do without[JW2] .

·       I shared this ridiculous clip put out by the CIA a few days ago. Tucker did a much better job ridiculing it, which is what needs to be done with all things woke.

·       This week’s Geek in Pictures: Special Energy Fantasy Edition.

·       I think we know where the “fun” crowd will be sitting. Yankees, Mets baseball to have vaccinated, unvaccinated sections.

·       The CIA has come up with a diabolical replacement for waterboarding.

·       Andrew McCarthy thinks Joe might have stepped in it by targeting Rudi Giuliani.

·       Classic Biden. The facts just don’t add up. Actually, it’s fairly obvious they are made up. LOL. Joe’s Amtrak story.