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In The News for Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Posted Nov 16 2022 7:42AM

·        The next two years are likely to be interesting. Congress appears headed for gridlock, which the market historically likes, and with former President Trump’s announcement last night that he is running, the Democrats and Media will continue to suffer from severe TDS. It will be interesting to see who comes out in support and who he has lost. I though his speech was extremely Presidential sounding and made the points I wanted to hear. There is a lot of grass between now and November 2024, though. One thing is clear, and that is that several states need to fix their voting problems. Mass absentee mailouts and ballot harvesting are rife with opportunities for malfeasance.

·        About Deniers.

So, if you are an “election denier,” you are part of the majority. Poll after poll has shown that Americans of both parties want honest elections. Something like 70% to 75% of Americans want voter ID requirements, which the Democrats have desperately tried to make illegal. That makes me wonder: who is the real “election denier”? The person who wants honest, verified elections, or the person who wants to open the door to wholesale fraud?  

·        The mainstream media has just avoided this story like it never happened.

·        Gentlemen, you can’t commit journalism here – this is a news show!

·        Gee. Who could possibly object to this? Michigan school board appoints ‘unhinged’ 23-year-old LGBTQ+ trustee who self-describes as having ‘several mental illnesses.’

·        Well, he is a Democrat, after all and a major donor. The New York Times Runs Bizarre Softball Article on FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried. The disgraced crypto-guru continues a storied tradition, joining other key Democratic donors