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In The News – Monday, August 18th Edition
Posted Aug 18 2014 7:00AM
  • Jim Rogers is always an interesting guy and he has some things to say that make a lot of sense. One of them is that successful investors do nothing most of the time. In other words, time is your friend, not timing.

  • I’m all for this trend. I really don’t want my local police department to have the ability to invade the neighboring state. Both sides of the political spectrum are concerned over this trend of militarizing local police departments.

  • What the heck kind of chess were they playing? Full contact, jungle rules? Two Players Die At World Chess Event.

  • Well, I guess this answers the old question about whether a cat always lands on its feet.

  • This is a good thing. The Senate Armed Services chief is going to review the Pentagon program of arming police with military equipment. The militarization of our police forces seems to be outrageously out of control. Armored Personnel Carriers with top mounted .50 caliber machine guns seems to me to be totally over the top. Here’s a look at some of the equipment that those who protect and serve have been accumulated.

  • We’ve commented before on Operation Choke Point which is nothing more than a government bureaucracy creating law by fiat. Here’s a comment on Instapundit. The FDIC claims “confusion” caused some of the problems. I’m of the same opinion as Glen Reynolds. I think they just got caught.

  • Gringos has a new meaning these days. “Graduates in non-graduate occupations.” To some extent the economy is to blame, but the fact that someone with a masters in gender studies or Byzantine pottery is working at McDonalds is because they didn’t have enough sense to pick a viable major.

  • In case you missed this, A Travis County grand jury has indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry in what appears to be a totally political abuse of the justice system brought on by a District Attorney who was arrested for drunk driving and has refused to resign. Rosemary Lehmberg had to be restrained and was given 45 days in jail. Even sane liberals, and some who might be questionable, think the situation is pretty sketchy. I hope Governor Perry punches back twice as hard .

  • This is not good news. I love my Keurig. Headed over to local Wal-Mart to stock up over the weekend.

  • The last Confederate on top of Stone Mountain watching Gen. Sherman leave Atlanta with his troops after burning the city to the ground. Courtesy of Lewis Grizzard.

  • Anyone else ever had this problem? Your son/daughter ignores your calls and texts. Well, take heart. One mom has come up with a solution, an app that locks their phone until they call home and get a password. It’s called Ignore No More. Sounds like a plan to me.