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In The News for Thursday, November 4, 2021
Posted Nov 04 2021 6:25AM

·       A good take on the elections from Powerline. And this, too.

·       Listen to this woman. Winsome Sears is a Jamaican emigrant and former Marine who just won the Lieutenant Governorship of Virginia. Somehow the media isn’t that excited about the first black woman being elected to statewide office in Virginial Go figure. Oh, she’s a Republican.

·       Speaking of Methane…Some truly off the wall comments from our Dodderer-in-Chief.

·       Their true colors always come out, don’t they? Here is failed gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe’s social media manager’s comments after losing the election.

·       It’s a Bad Day for Democrats, Which Makes It a Great Day for America.

·       One of the real enjoyable things about a night like Tuesday is the reaction from MSNBC and CNN hosts and the dependable meltdowns from those we can always count on like Cher