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In The News for Thursday, June 24, 2021
Posted Jun 24 2021 8:05AM

·       If you are really interested in what was in the bill that went down to defeat yesterday in the Senate, and you should be, Ted Cruz gives a very good synopsis. It is 14 minutes’ worth watching.

·       Even Astronomy is apparently racist. Who knew? Black Holes, yep, you guessed it.

·       What a surprise! The Law & Order candidate in the New York City Democratic primary is leading after yesterday’s vote. With about 80 percent of the precincts reporting as of last night, he led with 31% of the vote. There may be hope for them. He recommends going back to stop and frisk that was last used under Mayor Bloomberg. A trend seems to be developing. Could the wheels be coming off the progressive bus?

·       War On Standards, Bar Exam Edition. This is such a great idea maybe we could apply it to Medical Certification examinations. Lunacy!

·       A Nine-Year Old Tells It Like It Is.

·       We have lost a huge segment on the humor spectrum now that we can’t tell rude ethnic jokes, make fun of other nationalities, or people with “different” lifestyles. Nevertheless, progressive chatterbox and full-time nitwit Joy Behar couldn’t resist when Carl Nassib, NFL tight end, came out as homosexual. Her comment involved something about end zone penetration. She later tried to take it back. Of course she did. Let’s see if she’ll be held to the same standard that say, Tucker Carlson might be held to. I somehow[JW1]  doubt it.

·       Great Tweet. One of best analogies I’ve seen.

Twitter of Day.png

·       Starting to see some politicians pay the price for their ineptitude. Needs to spread.

·       This guy simply cannot be ridiculed enough. Eric Swalwell[JW2] .

·       I have to admit that I find this funny as hell. Californians, always eco conscientious. Are buying generators to charge their Teslas because of worries over power outages. Teslas are cool cars, not a way to cut down on using fossil fuels.

·       Interesting factoid on the guy who founded the hedge fund that went belly-up fighting the short squeeze in Game Stop. LOL.

·       99 Rules To Live By. Some good ones.

·       Well, now they’ve come for Jeopardy. I’ll take Who Give A Sh*t for $200.

·       All you need to know about how Americans think about the direction the country is headed in. Smith & Wesson shatters $1 billion sales barrier for first time. From what I can tell, Glock Springfield and Sig Sauer aren’t doing too bad, either. I’ve always like Glocks, but my brother’s Sig is nice except for the exposed hammer and the inability to fire double action. The new Springfield Hellcat is getting good reviews and will carry 12 rounds with one in the chamber or 14 with an extended magazine. Here’s a nice review of good carry weapons.

·       So being a good host and feeding people what the like is racist? No problem, I’ll eat your portion. IKEA Juneteenth menu of fried chicken and watermelon sparks outrage.

·       It just keeps getting more ridiculous and easier to ridicule. Here’s what’s triggering the thought police now.

·       Wow! Like this is a huge surprise? Federal Judge rules Rachel Maddow’s show isn’t news. Of course the reason the Obama appointed judge ruled that way was to extricate her from a lawsuit by OAN.

·       Another uber liberal media person, the television poster child for nitwittery, Joy Reid, seems to be having some ratings problems after being given Chris Matthew’s coveted time slot. I’m sure the fact that her show is virtually unwatchable and is an insult to anyone’s intelligence has nothing to do with it.  

·       Woman running against Gov. DeSantis in Florida faceplants on CNN. Imagine if it had been on a real network?

·       Another happy ending. Foiled carjacking in Dallas.

·       Biden needs to get off his ass now and avoid a catastrophe for those Afghanis who served the U.S. during our occupation.

·       These are some very interesting and lopsided polling results of Dems, Republicans and Independents an some key issues that will likely determine the results in 2022. If they hold, we could see a landslide Republican victory in 2022 like we have never seen. Too early to get cocky, though.

·       Huge spike in sales of F-15’s following Biden comments[JW3] [JW4] [JW5] . Kurt Schlichter has some questions reporters might ask the President.