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In The News for Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Posted Apr 12 2022 8:42PM

·        With even the price of birdseed up, one of our feathered friends expressed his feelings to Joe. Wish Ostriches could fly.

·        Except for a few who haven’t gotten the message, virtually no one is still wearing masks with the exception of doctors’ offices. I asked my doctor why this is, and he responded that the federal government is requiring it. It was obvious that he and his staff are terrifically annoyed by it but powerless to do anything. Our federal government at work.

·        Our friends at Powerline have begun a new series that we will monitor. The Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (1). As they point out, even MSNBC is panicking.

·        A long piece that is infuriating. “Green” Dreams Kill People. The consequences of these policies are causing disaster worldwide.

·        Where To Put The Illegals. Governors DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas are on the right track by busing illegals to Delaware and Washington, D.C. Ted Cruz is good with that but believes we should include a few other spots. Good idea.   

·        As Steve Hayward said, “I can’t believe Biden’s nurses believe the Putin blame game will work. Insulting as it is, we fully expected them to try the spin, though. Brad Polumbo’s tweet nailed it.

·        It appears that being a criminal may be a requirement to run for statewide office in New York. Lt. Governor arrested. Of course, the real surprise is that anyone actually gets arrested. Kathy Hochul had a bad day

·        We kind of knew all along that the ban on earmarks wasn’t likely to last, didn’t we. Congress falls off the wagon, leaps back into Pork Barrel with $9.6 Billion in new earmarks. Let’s remember this in November.

·        Apparently the Biden administration is in a quandary and dealing with furious infighting over the out of control mess at the Southern border. We are being governed by idiots who need to be run out of town on rails after being tarred and feathered.

The situation, obviously, is a mess. But it's a mess Biden created by rolling back many Trump-era immigration policies and halting work on the border wall. Even The Times' report admits that "Remain in Mexico" was a policy that was "effective" at keeping immigrants from illegally crossing into the U.S. while seeking asylum. Yet Biden's campaign rhetoric and the leftward lurch of Democrats means he has little wiggle room to preserve any of the previously working policies. The long-running disagreement within the White House over how to move forward on immigration and the border crisis is setting up to be a major issue over the summer and leading up to the midterms.

·        Hardly a surprise. Lockdowns didn’t work: Blue states rank dead last for COVID response. As you may remember we called the lockdowns economic suicide from the very beginning. The New York Post would like to know “When will Fauci and liberal leaders apologize for the millions of lives damaged with pointless COVID restrictions?” For more on the study done by three economists, How Did The States Do?   

·        Smart move Chris. Dead on Arrival: CNN+ fails to bring in 10,000 daily viewers.   

·        Biden believes ‘No Level of Defense’ can stop surge of illegal immigration. I suggest he visit Poland or Hungary. They seem to be doing an excellent job.

      I love a happy ending