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In The News for Thursday, December 1, 2022
Posted Dec 01 2022 7:40AM

·        Just how bad is it out there? This isn’t a good indication.

·        Hard Truths and Radical Possibilities. This piece by Glenn Ellmers in American Greatness is something everyone should read. It paints a bleak, and I believe true, picture of our current situation. It is eye opening and, I believe correct in its assessment of what we are facing. Well worth reading. Elections, even if conducted legitimately, no longer reflect the will of the people.

In thousands of other ways, the federal bureaucracy ignores the deliberate wishes of the American people. The regulators, administrators, and policymakers in the alphabet soup of federal agencies set the rules and impose their collective will as they see fit. Regardless of who the people repeatedly elect to reform the system, those politicians and their agendas come and go; the permanent government persists.

Powerline comments on the article and discusses it in a Podcast. They ask the question, “Are we in fact approaching a revolutionary moment?” 

·        As I’ve said before, you get what you’re willing to put up with. Here are some folks taking the right approach