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In The News for Monday, July 18, 2022
Posted Jul 18 2022 6:43AM

·        There seems to be a major change taking place in the way the liberal media is portraying Slow Joe. Questioning his age and mental fitness is no longer off the table. Wait until the day after the midterm elections. The decibel level will rise substantially.

·        I think a train wreck is pretty much what everyone expected and they weren’t disappointed as Biden left Saudi Arabia humiliated.  Biden ‘embarrassed’ on ‘hat-in-hand’ trip to Mideast powers. Long trip to come home with nothing but a fist bump from murderous monarch. He’s back to blaming mom and pop service station owners. November can’t come soon enough. I hope the Republicans are planning ahead and are ready to hit the ground running in Jan.1, 2003.

·        Meme of the Week.

Biden Gas Can.jpg

·        So, how’d that trip to Saudi Arabia go, Joe? Biden Gets Mocked as Saudis Sweep the Leg out From Under His Claims. Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief, said the Biden was coming in as a “much diminished president” compared to when he was inaugurated in January 2021. Not a very respectful way to greet a visiting head of state who is there to beg for help, is it? His comments:

“As an example, on energy issues, he came in with a policy to stop completely fossil fuel usage not only in the United States, but worldwide, and now he is finding himself having to rely on fossil fuels as a means of meeting the energy shortage that has come about, not only because of the Ukraine war, but also because of U.S. policy itself that shut down pipelines and stopped issuing ... discovery of oil on U.S. soil,” he said.

·        This is hardly surprising, but worth pointing out. NASA’s private sector turn shows government can get more for taxpayers’ buck. Federal bureaucracies should be cut to the bone and everything possible should be outsourced.

·        It’s nice that there is at least one person named Joe in Washington, D.C. who has some sense. Sen. Manchin Delivers MAJOR Blow to Democrats’ Climate Plan. Well known Democrat nitwit John Podesta had a slightly over the top comment, declaring that Manchin has “single-handedly doomed humanity.” Kurt Schlichter’s reply was “Except global warming is a hoax so everything is cool.”  

·        More evidence that we’re just in the best of hands. Most Top Biden Officials Have 0 Years Of Business Experience. Continuing the Obama model and reflecting the President’s own background. You might say there are A Few Holes In The ‘Ol Resume. The top 68 administrators in the administration spent an average of 2.4 years in the business world.    

·        This could get interesting. Potentially, A Big Win For The 1st Amendment.

·        Hilarious! Kamala’s speechwriter leaving after less than four months on the job. And she was such a brilliant wordsmith. LOL.

·        Another example of Get Woke and Go Broke. Victoria’s Secret decision to get away from beautiful, sexy models hasn’t worked out so well.

Victoria’s Secret turned its back on women while still trying to sell women’s products to them, and women shrugged them off as a result.

·        Something is badly wrong here. It simply boggles the imagination that these two occupy senior positions in the Biden administration. What is wrong with these people. I remember when Democrats were actually a real party, not a sick joke. Can you even imagine these two representing the U.S. at the French Ambassador’s residence? Sick, just sick. And his shoes don’t even match. LOL. Wonder what Admiral Halsey would have thought of that admiral? If you are an enemy of the United States there is a lot to point at and laugh about. I suppose we should be glad they didn’t arrive wearing BDSM gear with one of them on a leash. Everything about our federal government right now is pretty much a joke and the Biden administration seems bent on making sure the entire world knows it.

·        In a surprise announcement, San Francisco DA Announces Innovative New Plan To Arrest People For Breaking The Law. Radical idea.

·        From the same news source – Polls Indicate More Breakfast Tacos Leaning Republican.  

·        Leftists seem to think that they are entitled to the Supreme Court. It’s not working out too well for them.  

·        Libs of TikTok has angered progressive leftists (translation: triggered lunatics) by holding up a mirror. It is hilarious! When their bubble is burst, it shines a light on their vile delusions that have taken over our cultural space.

·        One example that points out just how low the US Navy has sunk. For some reason young men don’t want to serve on a ship named after a pederast who preyed on underage boys. Go figure.

·        An interesting defection on the left. Ruy Teixera has left the Center for American Progress and moved to the American Enterprise Institute. His comment on CAP, “It’s just cuckoo land. The fact than no one is willing to call bulls**t, it just freaks me out.” One of the few on the left who has had the never to say it out loud. … it “a sign of conservative vigor that AEI is granting Mr. Teixeira political asylum.”