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Posted Feb 26 2017 1:30PM
• In case you’re interested, here is President Trump’s speech at CPAC. As John Hinderaker says, “he seems to be getting better at the politics game.”
• This is just classic. State Department Writes Anti-Leak Memo…Which Quickly Leaks To The Washington Post. That swamp is going to take a lot of draining.
• This is news to me and you can bet I’ll ask my pharmacist directly next time I have a prescription filled.
• A California State Senator was removed from the chamber for telling the truth. Her comments were about Tom Hayden.
• DHS is soliciting pitches for the border wall. Potential contractors will submit a concept paper by March 10, and then those selected will submit actual full proposals and potential pricing.
• Shale Is Reshaping America’s Oil Trade Balance. No kidding. I seem to remember that President Obama mocked Sarah Palin by saying we couldn’t drill our way out of our energy shortage. Here he is in 2012. And again mocking “drill baby drill”. I need to get out my favorite bumper sticker again.
• And from Michael Ramirez, in honor of the Oscars.