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In The News for Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Posted Oct 20 2020 7:25AM

·       Two posts worth reading. Speaking of Disinformation and Speaking of Disinformation (Cont.) You might also be interested in Rudy Giuliani’s comments and how he verified data from Hunter Biden’s hard drive. Now that his two partners have flipped on him, stuff is coming out every day. This isn’t going away, and at some point the media will be unable to ignore it any longer.

·       An interesting take from Sean Ono Lennon.

·       Until now, America has never had a serious fascist movement. Antifa must be crushed, those who perpetrate violence must be jailed, and those who finance violent extremism must be exposed. And Joe Biden and the Democratic Party must stop covering for their militant wing. The Brownshirts Are Back.

·       A new Gallup Poll may be presaging a Trump landslide. Don’t get cocky. Here is the detaiI.

·       Insanity Wrap # 71. It just keeps getting more incredible.

·       Big Tech needs to get its filthy, biased thumbs off the scale of this election. Tom Cotton has predicted a nuclear winter for them.  

·       Nothing to see here. UPS worker fired for dumping 112 Absentee ballots. Up to half a million ballots sent to California residents who have moved or died.

·       It’s that time again. Hollywood is threatening to move if Trump wins. It worked so well last time.

·       It’s hardly the first time. Lying seems to come naturally. Pennsylvania Union: Biden is Lying We Didn’t Endorse Him.

·       Grieving NY families hold funeral for Cuomo’s leadership and integrity: Prop was pure genius. A coffin with 6,500 covers from his self-serving book. The number of people reportedly killed by his nursing home policies.

·       Journalist asks Joe Biden the hard-hitting question. What flavor milkshake did you order?

·       Jeffrey Toobin, the erstwhile “legal analyst” for CNN was literally caught with his pants down. This is a guy who graduated in Elena Kagan’s class with a magna cum laude from Harvard. I know they must be proud. Here’s more of this truly disgusting story.

·       Twitter is beyond repair and badly needs government intervention to insure fairness.