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In The News for Thursday, December 3, 2020
Posted Dec 03 2020 7:41AM

·       As I’ve pointed out before, if you are interested in the latest information breaking on Voter Fraud, your first stop should be

·       Whistleblowers dispute over 1 million ballots. Mainstream Media Propaganda Outlets: Let’s just move on.

·       Vote early and often. Trump Legal Team to submit evidence of over 40,000 people who voted twice in Nevada.

·       I watched the testimony in front of the Michigan House Committee last night It’s obvious that things in Detroit were more corrupt than anyone realized. Stacks of ballots were run multiple times, for example. Trump won Michigan. The most compelling testimony came from a Dominion contract IT employee who was devasting. Go to the 1:41:00 mark for Melissa Caron’s testimony. Her testimony was was outrageous and her attitude clearly indicated that she had had enough of the b.s. from the Democrats. She also indicated that Dominion had to be involved.

·       From Powerline: What Is To Be Done? I disagree with their seeming willingness to move on. I think this theft should be fought to the last until President Trump is re-inaugurated. If he isn’t, the next two years are going to be like nothing we’ve seen as RINOS and Republicans who didn’t fight face primary challenges and upsets. 75 million voters are energized. The headlines and links above should give you the impression that we’re nowhere near just accepting this nonsense about just moving on. If you saw the press conference with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, you know this to be true. It needs to be fought until the criminals who orchestrated it are all exposed and incarcerated. My choice would be Guantanamo.

·       If you wanted to rig an election, you’d do exactly what Dems did in 2020.

·       So far, 2020 is the largest year for firearm sales, ever. Already this year, the FBI has recorded 35.7 million background checks.

·       My latest entry in the ongoing series of Paul Krugman is a despicable human being.

·       CNN, meet CNN.

·       In case you think activist media like the Washington Post are not that bad and that District Attorneys are not motivated by a political agenda, this case should get your attention. By all reports it was a horrific miscarriage of justice.

·       There is hope for all of us. A few doses of this experimental drug reverses age-related declines in memory and mental flexibility. On the other hand, sometimes having a bad memory is a marital aid. May keep this one quiet.

·       Gee, what changed with the Democrats views on illegal immigration? Harry Reid in 1993: “It’s insane to reward illegal immigrants by giving their children birthright citizenship.” I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.

·       I know we all find this difficult to believe. Project Veritas exposes CNN’s suppression of New York Post’s Biden Bombshell. Powerline has comments: CNN Exposed.  

·       Hail The Golden Turkey. Unfortunately, for liberals, there is no such thing as wasteful government spending.