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In The News for Friday, December 17, 2021
Posted Dec 17 2021 7:27AM

·       As I’ve said on many occasions, ridicule is the best offense for these people. Elon Musk did a masterful job on Elizabeth Warren.  A sane world would recognize that she doesn’t have the talent to be an unpaid intern at Tesla or SpaceX and tell her to stop barfing up nonsense. – from The Morning Briefing. 

·       Santa’s list of businesses that are naughty and nice to conservatives. They left Gillette off the naughty list.  

·       New York Times columnist begs ‘Alarmingly Incoherent’ Biden not to run for reelection. A friend of mine has spoken to someone who has been in the same room with Biden a few times recently. He said the situation is much worse that it even appears.

·       Just how corrupt are things? This corrupt.  DC Bar restores convicted FBI Russiagate forger to ‘Good Standing’ amid irregularities and leniency.

·       I know you’re as thrilled as I am that our tax dollars are going to finance illegal immigration. The UN supported International Organization for Migration hands out cash debit cards to intending and repeat border crossers.

·       Sen. Richard (DaNang Dick) Blumenthal speaks at Communist Party awards ceremony.

·       It is known as the chickens coming home to roost. Retailers who supported defunding police now demand action from Congress amid smash-and-grab crime surge.

·       CNN has been silent on this scandal. Guys like this don’t tend to fare too well in prison. CNN’s morning show ‘shaken’ over senior producer fired after being charged with child sex crimes. Unfortunately, he may not be the only one at CNN. Some pretty disgusting stuff.

·       Hill-arious: Democrats laugh off Hillary Clinton 2024 talk. But…But…it was her turn.

·       Is sanity about to break out? Breaking: Major US airlines’ CEO’s dispute need for masks on planes