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In The News for Friday, February 26, 2021
Posted Feb 26 2021 7:29AM

·       Wonder if Gov. Cuomo is a believer in ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’? He once insisted that Kavanaugh take a lie detector test. We’ll be waiting…

·       What I’ve been saying. It’s Time to Start Being Optimistic. Vaccinations are up, cases are down, and the economy is primed to boom. Got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine on Wednesday. Second dose due 28 days later. So far not the slightest side effect. Knock on wood. Consider this: After a year there is ZERO evidence that government edicts slowed the spread of COVID-19. These lying, power-hungry politicians need to pay a heavy price for their feckless interference in our economy. Jail time, losing at the polls and perhaps even a few public canings might be in order. Cuomo and de Blasio would be a good start along with Gavin Newsom and Gov. Whitmer. Just the tip of the iceberg.  

·       It’s different when we do it. Heard that before? Bill Gates defends use of private jets while warning about dangers of climate change. Have you figured out, yet, that being a multi-billionaire doesn’t mean you have to know what you’re talking about regarding subjects out of your area of expertise?

·       Biden’s $2 trillion COVID Christmas tree. Dem’s COVID Bill Takes Waste, Fraud, And Abuse To A Whole New Level.  

·       Sara Hoyt has a nice turn of phrase, doesn’t she? She refers to John Kerry as the Heinz-Flavored Gigolo.

·       Thank goodness. Neera Tanden confirmation vote postponed indefinitely.

·       Hey, I’m good with it. Will ex-Sen. Perdue’s exit mean Sen. Herschel Walker, R-GA?

·       China humiliates State Department diplomats by performing anal swab tests for COVID. Somehow, I don’t think they would have tried this with the Trump administration. “Hey, can you see if you can find my dignity while you’re up there?” LOL.  

·       We should be outraged that this person is even being considered for an important position in the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Sen. Rand Paul nails it.

·       I just found out that my Congressman, Chuck Fleischmann, voted to retain Liz Cheney in a position of leadership. I had emailed him a few weeks ago asking the question and spoken to an assistant in his office who said they would get back to me. They never did, which pretty much answered my question. I subsequently found out that he did, in fact, vote for her. I suspect that he might face a serious primary this time around. I certainly hope so. Those who didn’t have the guts to stand up need to pay a price.

·       The Geek in Pictures. Some interesting charts. The one on Trust in Government is particularly spot on.