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In The News for Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Posted Dec 24 2019 8:05AM

·        Kevin Nunes’ appearance with Lee Smith for an interview in Visalia, CA was a tour de force, from all reports. I encourage you to listen to it and pay attention to the crowd’s reaction. And remember, this was in California. There may be hope, yet, for that state.

·        Eddie Murphy makes SNL funny for the first time in years. The wokescolds seem to have given him a pass on his political incorrectness. Velvet Jones was on of my all-time favorite characters he did.

·        Joe Biden’s comments at the last debate are likely to show up in a Republican campaign ad. Question: “As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, all blue-collar workers, in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?” He answered quickly and boldly, “The answer is yes.”

·        Brian Stelter of CNN is, of course, a partisan hack of limited intellectually prowess and a very limited viewership according to Nielsen. One reason may be that “CNN flat out lies about the booming economy.” Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes? He is the George Costanza of television media, whose Wikipedia profile describes him as “a short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man who is weak and spineless.” I’d say that description fits Brian pretty well.

·        One of the lasting effects of the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter was his packing the Ninth Circuit Court with some of the most liberal appellate court judges ever when the court was expanded in 1978 by 10 seats. By the time it was done, Carter was responsible for 15 appointees to the court. With the recent appointees made by President Trump, the court now has a ratio of 16 Democrat appointed judges and 13 Republican appointed ones.

·        The Year Socialism Became A Dirty Word - Again. It seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. That’s good.

·        It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group. The NEA has suffered an mass exodus of members since right to work laws have been passed. The MEA has seen their membership decline 31% despite trying underhanded schemes to extend contracts. If you’ve listened or read about any of the comments from the Democratic hopefuls, you have seen that repealing right to work laws is a priority.

·        In case you missed what took place in some of the elections for District Attorneys in various states, you’ll find this interesting, and disgusting. It needs to be stopped.

·        This tweet from the President is spot on if you’re a supporter. “The tweet included no added comment because none was needed. The message is clear: I am all that stands between you and the barbarians at the gate. If I fall, you are next.”

·        Bless her heart. At least she lives in an era where she won’t be burned at the stake for witchcraft. Alyssa Milano want your help in casting a spell. The comments are hilarious.

·        If true, it’s quite a slap in the face. It will also probably prove quite embarrassing for the former president when his endorsement does no good.