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In The News for Thursday, June 23, 2022
Posted Jun 23 2022 8:09AM

·       Jerome Powell didn’t get the message. As Slow Joe was announcing his request for an abatement of the 18 cent/gallon federal gasoline tax, and then spending about half of his time blaming Putin for inflation and gas prices, Powell was in front of the Senate indelicately pointing out that inflation has risen from 1.4% to 7.9% before Putin ever invaded Ukraine.  Sorry, Joe. You can’t go on the assumption that all of your listeners are stupid. It’s not a good strategy and no one believes it.

·       Shocker: Rise in Philly carry permits leads to rise in justified homicides. Reminds me of what a federal judge once said about a well-known Tennessee figure who had killed a few men and never been prosecuted. “He just never killed anyone who didn’t need killing.”

·       Good for Elon. It’s about time. Cheers to Elon for finally saying ‘No’ to whiny, entitled millennial babies.

·       I love it when I learn a new word. This one seems particularly apropos for our current situation. The word is “kakistocracy” and it is defined as a state governed by the most incompetent and least scrupulous. It looks like a new word that I can use.

·       If you have the slightest doubt that the FBI has been weaponized and used for political purposes by the current administration, I suggest you read about what has been done to Project Veritas. As I’ve said before, when we get control of government again, someone needs to go through that building like Sherman through Georgia.

·       Here’s another good example of selective prosecution. A senate staffer was caught on a hidden camera defacing posters outside Marjorie Taylor Greene’s office and referred by Capitol Police for criminal charges. The same US Attorney’s office that has pursued the Jan. 6th defendants declined to authorize arrest.  

·       The Dog That Barks. See above for “kakistocracy”. I expect this will be an issue when Sen. Cornyn has to run for reelection. For all the Republicans who crossed the aisle, The Hill names them.

·       In order to try and generate some interest in the Jan. 6th hearings, which have been largely ignored by the viewing public, the Democrats have decided to try a new format, The Jan. 6th Hearings On Ice.

·       Another “good guy with a gun” story. Family upset clerk was armed.

·       The media is starting to get very worried that too many people have caught on as we approach the midterm elections. It’s starting to get funny, and you can bet it will reach frantic hysteria levels by late October.

·       Biden is doomed and has nowhere to run.

But regardless of what happens to Biden, energy represents an intractable problem for the Democrats. What they want and what the American people want are fundamentally at odds. To make matters worse, there is no transition to wind and solar going on, and no such transition is going to happen. 

·       Update on Disney’s determination to ‘get woke and go broke’. Disney’s stock price has lost 50% of its value after year of leftwing political electioneering and badly-received woke programming.

·       DNC Clearance Sale: Act Now, and You Can Get a Selfie With Kamala Harris at 65% Off. LOL.

·       Chicago doubles down. Chicago cops barred from chasing people on foot who run away. I’m speechless.