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In The News for Monday, January 9, 2023
Posted Jan 08 2023 9:45PM

·        In case you are wondering what the Group of 20 accomplished last week by holding out against McCarthy’s coronation, here is a list. Good work.

·        A dose of total nonsense from our senescent Dummy-In-Chief. Biden’s comments and “plan” for handling the total FUBAR at our Southern border. In preparation for the President’s visit, El Paso is trying to clean up the illegal immigrant encampments.

·        On the anniversary of Jan. 6th, the lies flew fast and furious as Democrats practiced the Dopeler Effect that a lie will become the truth if it is repeated often enough. Not a single officer lost his life and yet several Democrats, the President included, claimed that six officers lost their lives in what was for the most part a peaceful demonstration. A Churchill once said, “A lie can get around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” The only casualty was Ashley Babbitt, killed by an incompetent Capitol Police officer who has never been held to account. Insufferable, liberal/communist Robert Reich claimed the capitol was attacked by “an armed mob” when there is no record whatsoever of any firearms being used or carried by demonstrators.

·        The North Koreans may be on to something in terms of student discipline. U.S. Universities could take a page from their disciplinary handbook for students who misbehave. It might help some Harvard and Yale students realize the error of their ways.

·        I can’t imagine the anguish this father is going through. I would take any measure in my power to prevent this. This woman should be stripped of custody and incarcerated yesterday.

·        A good excerpt from Ammo Grrrll’s Friday column.

   So weirdness has been steadily ratcheting upwards. Yeah, I know. Us Geezer-Americans can look at old photos of our bell bottoms and flip hairdos and leisure suits and disco dresses and maybe be a little embarrassed to point fingers. But we never had “Bell Bottom Story Hour for Toddlers.”

   I see Rachel Levine, Woman of the Year/Admiral of the Fleet, Sam “Samsonite” Brinton, and a host of others and I just want to say, “Oh, fellas, quit trying so hard. You aren’t cool. You aren’t even INTERESTING. It’s all just unserious, puerile, and silly. You will be remembered, not for the mythical “courage” everyone is always going on about, but for being ridiculous. And that’s your BEST option. Wait until this generation of mutilated children wakes up from its fever dream fad and discovers that their cowardly parents, lunatic teachers, and greedy doctors encouraged them to submit to permanent chemical and surgical castration. There’s going to be a heckuva butcher’s bill to pay. And I can say with my head held high: “I didn’t do it. I opposed it at every turn.”

·        No, this isn’t, as I falsely assumed, from the Babylon Bee. Hillary Clinton will join Columbia University in 2023 as a Professor ‘of International and Public Affairs.’ “They don’t understand the damage already done to the reputation and authority of the institutions they infect.” Maybe she can discuss how brilliantly she handled Libya or Benghazi. Legal Insurrection had comments.  

·        Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas uses the old ‘who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes’ defense. Mayorkas claims border ‘not open’ ahead of Biden visit to El Paso. Last seen running down the hall with his pants on fire as an aide chased him with a fire extinguisher.

·        A great “feel good” article. The Most Hilarious Woke Pop Culture Fails of 2022. And even better some were very expensive fails.

·        My guess is that we’re about to find out just how bad it can get when a state goes fully woke. Embarrassing media gushing as Massachusetts inaugurates first female, first openly homosexual governor with ‘all-female leadership team.’

·        Amid all the drama last week, we did have some humor. John Bolton announced he is running for President in front of a British audience, no less. I’m guessing he didn’t want to be laughed out of the room had he done it in front of an American audience.  

·        Gee, I’m shocked, just shocked. More U-Haul Trucks left California than any other state in 2022. Top Destination was Texas.