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In The News for Thursday, December 9, 2021
Posted Dec 09 2021 6:36AM

·       Good for them. The NSBA (National School Board Association) has suffered a 40% decline in revenue as at least 17 members have cut ties with them. Calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists” might not have been the smartest move they ever made.

·       Apparently men are just better at everything, even being women. UPenn transgender swimmer continues to dominant season with more record breaking wins. I know we’re all thrilled by his her success.

·       ‘Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Get Vaxxed’.  A look at what is going on and the implications.

·       An incident in Dallas has brought to the fore an abomination I have talked about in the past, Civil Asset Forfeiture. A dog alerted at Love Field in Dallas and $100,000 was confiscated from a woman. She was not arrested. The cops simply took her money. Guilty until proven innocent. David Burge had a great Tweet.

·       The Week in Video.

·       Some interesting polls. Go Long On Democrat Panic Buttons. And this one on the Latino vote. Last year Latinos gave Dem House candidates over 60% of their vote. Current polls show a 37%/37% even split. So, it appears that Latinos don’t like violent crime, inflation, and mass illegal immigration. Who would have thought it?

·       This isn’t satire. Over 40 camels ejected from Saudi beauty contest over Botox. I’m still stuck on “Camel beauty contest.”