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In The News for Monday, July 1, 2019
Posted Jul 01 2019 7:10AM

·        The first thing I do on Saturday morning after making a cup of coffee is to open up PowerLine’s Week in Pictures. This week’s was particularly good. It is the Debate Fatigue Edition.

·        Apparently trying to cement his legacy as one of the worst presidents off all time, Jimmy Carter weighed in on the 2016 election in a despicable manner. You might remember that this is the same guy who said Venezuela had one of the best electoral systems in the world. Enough said.

·        Glenn Reynolds shared a thought from a friend of his. It’s something I’ve noticed, too. When your sense of humor goes…

·        It should be no surprise by now that Bernie lives in an alternate reality. “Every proposal I have brought forth is fully paid for.” That this idiot is even a contender is an indictment of our educational system.

·        Gee, what a surprise! ICE arrests 52 illegal immigrants in four-day operation in Texas, 35 had criminal records. More, please.

·        A step in the right direction. From Short Circuit: “As winged pigs passed overhead, Satan pulled on a cardigan, grabbed a mug of hot cocoa, and settled in to read this First Circuit opinion, in which a prosecutor is denied absolute immunity for withholding exculpatory evidence.” You don’t need to read the opinion unless you’re a glutton for legal writing. The bottom line is that the abuse of prosecutors withholding exculpatory evidence needs to be dealt with harshly. It is endemic.

·        Hilarious! Republicans start donating to Marianne Williamson to keep her in future Democratic debates. “Donate $1 to keep this vibrant Democrat on the debate stage. One debate performance is not enough.”

·        U.S. Oil output tops 12 million barrels a day for first time. Crude production from the Permian Basin is expected to rise 50% by 2025.