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In The News for Monday, June 14, 2021
Posted Jun 14 2021 10:01AM

·       A.U.D.I.T. of elections: Hot and Getting Hotter.  

·       ROTFLMAO! Trump warns Biden not to fall asleep during meeting with Putin.

·       A phenomenal interview with the former head of Mossad, Israeli Intelligence. Maybe we ought to subcontract with these guys to run C.I.A.

·       The Left’s, and by that I mean the Democrats, treatment of Ilhan Omar tells you all you need to know about how woke and spineless they are. Her citizenship should be annulled, and she should be sent back to Somalia. Stephen Kruiser believes that Democrats are finally noticing that Ilhan Omar is a terrorist-sympathizing, anti-semitic loon. I think he may be overly optimistic. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi asks Omar to clarify ambiguous statement that we should kill all the Jews.

·       Another city throws out their Woke school board. It is a movement that seems to be spreading and that’s a very good thing[JW1] . In Minnesota the Center of the American Experiment[JW2]  is doing a tour and holding meetings that are SRO. Liberals are triggered.

·       Texas decides to take up completing the Wall. Gov. Abbott has had a few missteps, but overall he is probably one of the more competent governors.  Where the federal government fails, whether through incompetence or as a result of deliberately anti-American policies, the states have no alternative but to step in.

·       Sorry, not buying it. CNN to launch real news site. LOLOLOL[JW3] .

· For an idea of just how consumed with TDS the media has, here is a fairly definitive list of “news’ reports that have been totally debunked. Anyone depending on the mainstream media for their news is woefully ill informed. More

·       Whistleblowers in the military say Biden’s woke ‘extremism’ training is tearing the military apart. It’s like the Stalinist purges of the Russian army in the 1930’s.

·       Virginia Tech football player swiped right on the wrong Tinder photo, now he is awaiting trial on first degree murder charges. Gender dysphoria cost[JW5]  a gay transvestite his life.

·       Mr. Potato Head on C-Span taking questions from viewers. He might not have thought that one through.  

·       One of, if not the best, political ads so far[JW6] .

·       Something tells me that Syrian recruitment for the tank corps has taken a real hit, lately.

·       Is Joe hanging Kamala out to dry? She doesn’t appear to need a lot of help. As Ed Morrissey says, “It’s astounding that Joe Biden and his team still fear the media coverage that a border visit would bring more than they fear the damage that Harris’ bungling has produced, especially lately.” And from American Thinker: You Really Have To Feel A Little Bit Sorry For Kamala. No. Actually, I don’t. Not one little bit.

·       Cape Cod lobster diver has Old Testament experience. Swallowed by Humpback Whale.  

·       Shelby Ford F-150. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

·       Shhh! No One Mention Hunter! The New York Times is not a news organization. It is an arm of the Democratic party. Clay Travis asks a question in this Tweet.  

·       Crossing the Clintons has never been good for one’s health. Christopher was recently on Fox talking about the death threats he received

·        after breaking the story.

·       Boris Johnson had the audacity to suggest that he and Slow Joe were like Churchill and Roosevelt. Someone else had a more realistic and accurate comparison.