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In The News for Thursday, May 19, 2022
Posted May 19 2022 7:12AM

·       Looks like the Biden Administration is shutting down the Ministry of Truth. What a shame.

·       Feel Good Stories of the Day. Investors have been pulling money out of funds and ETF’s that invest in environmental, social and governance related names and redeploying those funds into Oil & Gas investments because they actually want to make money. The biggest climate change related funds have seen steady outflows this year.

·       Funny how the press only uses the term “Grim Milestone” if they can somehow twist it to reflect badly on Republicans. Have you seen the term used by them to characterize gas prices or illegal immigration? Neither have I.

·       I’ve been recommending this ETF for some time. It may be telling us that inflation is just getting started. The XLE is on the verge of a significant breakout.

·       Someone has been red pilled. Elon Musk says he has never voted Republican but will in 2022.

·       Gen. Flynn strikes back. The FBI and DOJ have continued to harass him and should be made to pay for their sins.