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In The News for Thursday, July 15, 2021
Posted Jul 14 2021 8:21PM

·       From Tucker Carlson last night. Something is very smelly in Fulton County. Watch. The evidence is gradually confirming what most of us already know. The election was stolen.

·       Joe Biden, Shameless Liar. An understatement. He just went from four Pinocchios to five Pinocchios. 69% of Black Americans favor voter ID. Sorry, Joe. You are a liar and even the Washington Post has pointed it out. Even with Schumer trying to back you up, the Dopeler Effect won’t work on this one even for Democrats surround[JW1] ed by the Bozone Layer, which includes most of them[JW2] [JW3] . Biden’s rant in Philadelphia was truly disgusting. Meanwhile, some Democrats see the handwriting on the wall and some don’t as they try to deflect voter ire. Rep. Clyburn is a good example of how they just lie to your face and expect you to believe it. Remember the old quote from Stalin. “Those who vote decided nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” I think we learned that in the 2020 Presidential Election, didn’t we?

·       Stephen Kruiser’s take on Biden’s comments are characteristically on point and devastating. Biden Drools His Way Through Another Speech Full of Lies.

·       I don’t think this is a big surprise to anyone that Slow Joe benefitted from Hunter’s deals.

·       Ted Cruz beautifully trolls the Texas Democrats who fled  state. They had to show I.D. to board their private jet[JW4] . LOL. The Babylon Bee also weighed in. Other States Look To Texas For Advice On How To Get Democrats To Leave.

·       Live from Havana. The Administration and it water carriers[JW5]  in the media as well as liberal politicians seem uncharacteristically silent as yet another Communist/Socialist failure takes place before our eyes. Bernie, a fan of Castro, has been nowhere to be seen. And from my favorite new/satire site, ‘You just don’t understand Socialism like I do,’ says college freshman to man who escaped Socialism on a raft.

·       The FBI Calls for People to Rat Out Friends and Family, Gets Clown-Slapped on Twitter. “Hello, FBI. I’d like to report Portland. You’re welcome.” Or, Both of my ex-wives cut the tags off mattresses. I’m sure there’s no statute of limitations. Go get ‘em, boys! And more.   

·       Israeli archeologists just potentially found evidence backing up the Bible story of Gideon[JW6] .

·       This guy should never be ratified and Red State Dems are feeling pressure. David Chipman is Biden’s nominee to head the ATF. He would be a disaster.

·       Half of those released from jail before trial in San Francisco were arrested for committing new crimes while free. Surprise! Surprise! San Franciscans are getting what they voted for good and hard.

·       Remember the so-called plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer of Michigan. Well, some interesting facts have come to light. Apparently abut half the plotters were actually FBI informants who were responsible for pushing the whole plan. That’s hardly a big surprise based on other recent things about the FBI that have come out.

·       A look back when Joe felt differently about elections. 2013: “Al Gore was elected President.” As we’ve often said, if it weren’t for double standards the Democrats would have no standards at all.  

·       Let’s not get cocky, but Democrats are clearly worried about a red wave materializing in 2022.

·       In a sane world we should be at the top of the ratings, not the bottom. U.S. ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media, Reuters Institute report finds. Shameful! 29% surveyed said they trust the news. The Establishment Democratic Media Complex Is Utter Garbage. Long but very good post and worth reading. Also learned a new word, “apodictic”, meaning with utter certainty.

Conservative had long known of the media’s leftwing bias, and the open Obama adulation pretty much disabused any conservatives of the notion that the press was a neutral reporter of truth. The difference is that the Trump years showed the media wasn’t even bothering to try to hide that bias anymore, and were caught nakedly, blatantly manufacturing fake news to support their narrative. 

·       What a surprise. Shep Smith’s move to CNBC has apparently been pretty much a flop. Viewers seem to be staying away in droves. He’s an empty suit and showed his true colors during his pathetic coverage of the New Orleans hurricane Katrina mess. Speaking of media failures, anyone seen John Harwood lately?